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Use of the Cyclone requires the R-1 Control Unit, which is included in the Starter Set. You don't own an R-1 Starter Set yet? Then you should choose the economical R-1 Special Discount Package.

Rends A10 Cyclone

The A10 Cyclone is a real masterpiece among the sex toys, developed by Rends from Japan. The design, the mechanism, and the finishing make this R-1 accessory one of the most advanced male toys available. The concept behind the A10 Cyclone is simple and intuitive. The rotating mechanism in the Cyclone is very advanced.
The rotating interior consists of an exchangeable cylinder that is covered with soft stimulating knobs that provide an exquisite massage to the penis.
Imagine how the revolving movements twist around your penis, in alternating clockwise and counter-clockwise directions, at your favourite speed!

The soft cylinders are available with various interiors with different patterns and can be bought separately. The experience created by the Cyclone cannot be compared by that of another sex toy. The revolving movements create an entirely different sensation than what you are used to from penetration movements.

And although the R-1 uses only a few batteries, its power is enormous.

The technical details of the A10 Cyclone are amazing, and the design and the quality of the material are in a league of their own. 
The handle provides a firm grip, because it is made out of high quality plastic with a thin rubber coating. The magnetic assembly of the cylinders is also a novelty in the sex toy industry.

Rends Cyclone cup

Cleaning with a flick of the wrist:

It might seem that the A10 Cyclone is not easy to clean, but the opposite is true. All parts are easily detachable by twisting them. The entire device can be taken apart, which makes cleaning it very easy.

Rends cyclone parts

Adapt the Cyclone to your size

Not all men are shaped equally. Rends has come up with a solution for these individual differences. By using Spacers you can extend or reduce the distance between the root of the penis and the revolving part of the Cyclone. The Cyclone is always delivered together with 1 spacer. Spacers can be bought separately in sets of 3. Each spacer extends the distance with 1 cm.

Rends Cyclone spacers

By using the right number of spacers, the Cyclone can be used hands free. For example, you can attach the Cyclone to your penis and pull your boxer shorts tightly, as depicted below.

Cyclone handfree use 

The Cyclone is controlled by the control unit. This unit helps you to control the seven speeds and seven different movement patterns. The central button on the R-1 controller is used for the stop function.

The A10 Cyclone uses more power than the vibrating egg, so it is equipped with an extra source of energy.
The long-lasting 3 x 1.5 V baby C batteries are included with the A10 Cyclone.

The A10 Cyclone is 20 cm long. The rotating inner part (the cup) is made of high-end elastomer, and is 5.5 cm long. The penetration length can be extended at will by using Spacers.

The A10 Cyclone is a unique state-of-the-art male masturbator. The sensations caused by the revolving movements are hard to describe. But once you hold the Cyclone in your hands, you don't want to wait to put it in your pants!


Use of the A10 Cyclone requires the R-1 Control Unit.

Rends R-1 Starter set

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