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  1. Incredible but fragile fuckable pudding. Review by Don
    This is the softest onahole I've ever used.

    I had assumed I'd gotten a factory dud, because upon opening:
    >the entire inside of the bag was oily, swimming in oil.
    >the toy had no discernible shape at all, like a pink slime
    >it was SUPER cold, owing to have been on a truck for two days
    Not a great first impression compared to others I've bought.

    I found when picking it up that it felt like refrigerated pudding, and structurally it's very unstable.
    You need to hold it in two hands so that it doesn't droop and damage itself under its own weight.
    After it normalized to room temperature it did seem a bit better, but it stills feels when taking it out of the box that each of my fingers are pulling it in a different direction and therefore damaging it.

    Incredible, so, so good. I barely lasted a few minutes, even in the ass which feels unremarkable to the hand.

    Quite easy, but not as easy as the regular edition of this same toy, as this one is a good bit more fragile.
    You'll likely find after a single use that there may be cracks appearing anywhere there is an entrance or crease in the design.

    It still feels great, but it's undeniably falling apart.
    9 out of 10 times I'm using this for the ass tunnel, but even so, the vagina has somehow gotten damaged.
    The toy seemingly wants to split apart at the holes, and as a result the entrance widens and cracks over time. For reference I've had the regular Puni Ana DX for twice as long, both used in rotation, and it's still totally undamaged.
    This toy is still oily after 6 months and requires being powdered after every use.

    It's a flawed beauty. I DO still recommend it, it feels like no other ona I've tried and I guarantee you don't have the stamina to last long with this, it's seriously good feeling, but with the extra care you need to use when handling it at all times, and the rate at which it falls apart under this regular, more careful use, even after only a couple of months, I wouldn't suggest getting this if you're torn between this and the original. (Posted on 9/25/2019)
  2. Holes very soft, body structure a bit too loose Review by Runkku
    I like very soft holes because they give nice and slow long stimulation. Cocolo SE has better looking body and it is more solid, but it is a bit rough with stimulation. Onatsuyu lube is very good for Puni Ana DX because this toy has a hole on the top where you can drop a bit water after adding lube. Only couple drops of water is needed so that it slowly drips towards other hole. It is like holes are getting wet again by themselves with this method. (Posted on 9/2/2019)
  3. It's beautiful! Review by RW
    These are my thoughts and first impressions/short review of the Puni Ana DX Fuwatoro.

    It's beautiful!

    So, first taking it out of the box the first thing I noticed was how much heavier than all my other toys it was, it felt quite heavy honestly but I got used to it quite quickly. After picking it up I could not wait to use it, it is simply beautiful! Didn't even need to put on any porn first since I was ready to go after just looking at the onahole.

    First use impressions - 8/10

    The experience while in use was very good, the vacuum of it felt quite strong which was something I was very much not used to and I used way too little lube this first time, with this one you need to use quite a lot I think, of course this also depends on how sensitive you are and I am very sensitive. Other than that though as I stated the experience was quite good, I tried both the holes and the vaginal one felt the best in my opinion, I also tried it in multiple positions: while holding it in my hands, placed on my desk and place on a pillow on the ground and after trying them all I think fucking it hands-free on my desk was the best experience overall though I think I have to experiment a bit more to be honest. Overall it was great and it gave me an earthshattering orgasm, that might also be because I haven't ejaculated in like 3 days though.

    Cleaning - 6,5/10

    So, now for the annoying part of using an onahole, cleaning up. With this one it was the most difficult one I have cleaned just simply because of its size and weight, the flushing hole at the back really helped to get it all out though and then I used some onahole soap to clean it out further. I cleaned it in the sink in the bathroom and there obviously is not that much room in my sink so that also added to the difficulty. I would say it is certainly not very enjoyable to clean it but it's not that annoying or complicated, it is just a bit heavier and bigger than I am used to, I am sure I will get more used to cleaning it over time as well.

    Drying - 8,5/10

    After making sure it was clean it was time to dry it, I first patted it down with two microfiber cloths and dried the outside and I then stuck an Onahole Maintenance Stick in both of the holes and let it sit for around 15min, then I took the sticks out and changed the microfiber covers on the sticks for new dry ones and jammed them in again, this time for around 20min, after this it seemed to be plenty dry so then I went and powdered it up and put it in a toy bag in my drawer and that's that! (Posted on 1/9/2019)

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