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La Bocca Della Verita

La Bocca Della Verita

Product Review (submitted on January 10, 2019):
This being my first "blowjob" onahole, I was unsure of what to expect in terms of feel and how realistic it would be.

I can safely say that this toy definitely fills the "Realistic" box. To start with I would like to mention that the teeth are very noticeable, they are made of a hard plastic and seem to be very secure at the center of the toy. While the teeth are ridged (as teeth should be), they are not jagged or painful, they give a very hard yet pleasurable sensation while using the toy which does wonders for the overall sensation while inside.

The entrance is very realistic with the tongue being able to freely move around and the roof containing small ridged bumps like you would find inside a real mouth. This combo is also great for stopping lube from escaping the toy and making for a smooth yet pleasurable entrance.

Before reaching the end of the toy you are greeted with a very narrow and bumpy tunnel (with bump and flaps on each side), this gives the sensation of a throat and also creates pressure as you get towards the end of the toy (I also found that this helps to keep lube at the back of the toy, however this does increase the time it takes to clean, but it's worth it).

The very end of the toy being to narrow and transitions from a very tight and bumpy area to a very tight and extremely smooth sensation, this definitely gives the feeling of the back of a throat. However, when reaching the back of the toy I found that the top of this part was a bit to "thin", I regularly find myself sticking out the front of the toy rather than the top. This part seems a little to soft and can make it a big difficult to full reach the end of the hole, but this with right position and handling this isn't a problem.

Lastly the toy seems very durable (as always with magic eyes products), however if you toy is like mine then be careful about thrusting towards the front of the toy (this may just be with my toy, I'm unsure!). The toy also seems very stretchy and is able to stretch to my own size, so this toy should be able to accommodate people of almost all sizes.