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TYO 360ml lubricant

TYO 360ml lubricant

Product Review (submitted on March 2, 2018):
I have tried so many types of lube - everything from the disappointing offerings of local sex shops to some great Japan made products like Onatsuyu, Ubujiru, PePe, Golden Lotion etc.
But this... This is the one.

Other water based lubes dry out quickly and form a thin, sticky film. Adding a few drops of water often helps, but only temporarily plus the result seems diluted.
KYO keeps going for much longer, even under heat or friction. +30 min is no problem. When it finally starts to dry out it gets thicker but not stickier. And the trick of adding water? It instantly incorporates the added moisture but still feels concentrated, as if it just came from the bottle.

Don't let the simple design and short ingredient list fool you. This is a quality product with a rather unique formula. I've never seen a lube rely on water and sodium polyacrylate (which absorbs and retains water) to this extent. The end result is, perhaps surprisingly, a lubricant with a fantastic texture and feel that never gets in the way of the moment.

It might not smell like strawberries, have a funny name or feature some cute illustration on the bottle. But those are things that matter less than performance, which is where KYO excels. I think I've found a new favorite.