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RIARU (Real) Onahip

The Riaru is Japanese for ‘Real’, is an onahip of the brand EXE. This manufacturer is known for the Punia Ana series.

On the box there a big manga drawing of a girl with her butt faced backwards, the drawing flows over to the underside of the box.

If you open the sealed box, you do not only find the 2kg heavy hip, but also a white transparent panty :).

RIARU (Real) Onahip with panty

A sample lubricant is not included in the box, but oh well, it is better to have a whole bottle of it anyways, because the sample packets are just enough for one time.

The vaginal tunnel of the Riaru onahip

In Japan they make it complete, both the box and the included panties are nice details. Of course the product when it comes to the details is also not skipped on.

Riaru onahip

The exterior feels soft and stretchable and the round buttocks fit precisely in your hands. What also stands out is that there’s a hole in the backside. Because of this clean-up is very easy.

The underside of the Riaru is flat, so it stays in its place during use.

Her beautiful cameltoe like vagina looks inviting. When you push these full lips to the side, then her small labia and red-pink tunnel are hiding behind it.
Onahip Riaru masturbator

The tunnel begins with a few narrowings and has a light structure of nubs and grooves. The curve downwards ensures that the Riaru really feels like a doggy-style position.

The tunnel of the woman also flows downwards when you take her doggy style.

Riaru’s vaginal tunnel ends into the back. Because of this the tunnel is with its 20cm as good as long enough for every man.

The anal tunnel

The anal tunnel of the Riaru is tight and has a small diameter. The first part of the tunnel has a pattern of ridges followed by nubs and then ridges again. The last part has small narrowings that represent the rectum.


Both the vaginal and anal tunnels end in the last part of this hip. By keeping this hole closed you get a very strong vacuum. The walls of this hip fit very well, due to the soft material, so the air can’t escape past them.

You can close the hole with your finger and thus play with the vacuum, but naturally you can also put in a bead or ball in it.

Cleaning and dimensions Riaru Onahip:

Length: 20cm
Width: 20,5cm
Height: 10,7cm
Weight: ~2kg
Size Riaru Onahip

The Riaru is a lot easier to clean than hips without ‘sperm exit’ and still you have the vacuum benefit as with a closed hip.

With 2kg it is very possible to hold the Riaru under the tap and let water flow through it until she is clean.

Afterwards you let her leak out a bit and then you can use a microfiber cloth or handkerchief to dry the insides of the Riaru.

Then you sprinkle some AG+ powder or cornstarch in the tunnels to get the last bits of moisture out of them.

Of course you order the Riaru at Motsutoys!

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