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The Samanda Big Hip is a hip made by the well-known manufacturer Kokos from Korea. This company makes realistic artificial vaginas and hips. Before presenting the Meiki Samanda, Kokos gave Meimi Kourin, Cherry Meiki, and the Meiki Three Sisters to the world.

Samanda's frontal view is that of a young woman who has spread her legs invitingly.

Meiki Samanda Double Pleasure:

The latest hip is called Samanda. She has two entrances. A vaginal entrance and an anal entrance. Both tunnels are double-layered.
Below is a picture of the cross section of the Samanda vagina:  

Meiki Samanda vagina

A cross section of the anal tunnel:

Samanda Anaal

The hip ways a hefty 5 kg and is made out of TPR. It measures 34 x 25 x 14 cm.

Meiki Samanda

Meiki Samanda Half cut


Samanda inside


Tunnel Samanda


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