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Description / Satomi Yuria's Kinchaku series

Meiki Sousei Satomi Yuria's Kinchaku Series - Masterpiece Onahole

A lot of work went into producing N.P.G’s Kinchaku Meiki, and the result really is a one of a kind onahole. The result of an earnest craftsman’s work, this masterpiece was made in collaboration with Dr. Masaki Honda and Satomi Yuria.

Collaboration onahole of Masaki Honda and Satomi Yuria

Dr. Masaki Honda is the only plastic surgeon in Japan who specializes in genitals and his expertise was a large contributor to this onahole. Appearing in over 200 works, the very popular JAV actress Satomi Yuria has a very special vagina. You see, only 1 out of 100,000 people have the kind vaginal structure that Yuria has, giving this onahole a very special structure as well. Starting from the entrance, 3 to 4 cm deep into her vagina Yuria’s pussy has a specific kind of tight narrowing which is a rare trait. Now, with the help of Dr. Masaki Honda, this feature has been upgraded in the shape of this onahole.

A high quality sex toy for menSatomi Yuria's Kinchaku series

This onahole is decorated with a nice soft pink that goes well with the soft feeling of the outside. As you would expect from such a high quality product, the Kinchaku Meiki has a very realistic looking vulva. It really makes you want to look up one of Satomi Yuria’s videos and just imagine yourself there.

The puffy entrance and slim sleeve design also help improve your experience in subtle ways. The slim sleeve makes it easier to hold in your hand, while the thicker entrance serves as a cushion. This way, you can stroke to your heart’s desire and feel enveloped by the lips of this pussy each time you hit your base.

As you have probably already noticed, the Meiki Sousei is double layered. These layers are easily identified by the difference in colour: the outside is innocently light pink whilst the inside is lustfully dark pink. Aside from making it look better, the double layer also makes the outside soft while the inside tunnel becomes firmer. This way you get the nice squishy feeling when you hold it while still getting the extra stimulation from the firmness of the tunnel.

Inside Satomi Yuria Kinchaku pocket pussy

Now we get the real selling point of this pocket pussy: the special tunnel! The special structure of this onahole starts from the get-go, a tight opening just like the real deal. After you have gone in only 3 cm you will have already arrived at the special tight structure which makes both Satomi Yuria and this onahole so special. The walls inside the tunnel are covered with stimulating ridges and the tight opening is followed up by two big lumps, one at the bottom and one at the top. These massaging lumps make the tunnel feel extra tight and, if used properly, will make you weak in the knees with pleasure.

Behind the lumps the tunnel widens again a bit, but don’t think that means the stimulation will decrease! Covered with big twirling ridges covered with smaller ridges, the second half of Satomi Yuria’s Kinchaku Meiki draws you in further and further. With its irregular bumps and shapes hidden below the big ridges and grooves, this pocket pussy feels rather realistic whilst still stimulating you more than any real vagina could. As you go deeper the tunnel gets more and more narrow until it reaches the tip-like end.

Meiki Sousei - Satomi Yuria's Kinchaku series in short

The Meiki Sousei - Satomi Yuria's Kinchaku is a high quality onahole made in collaboration with Dr. Masaki Honda and Satomi Yuria to replicate Yuria’s very rare narrow vagina. It makes use of a double layered structure of a soft outside and a slightly firmer inside. Overall, both the experience and the looks of this onahole are quite realistic.

"Weight: 600gr
Length: 17,5cm
Width: 9cm
Tunnel length: cm
Made by: N.P.G

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Customer Reviews

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Premium quality as to be expected from N.P.G.
Review by Federik
This one it's a really great product from N.P.G. I enjoyed quite a lot, it's a kind of soft material, but not too soft so it keeps the thightness and the feeling it's amazing.
Easy to clean and dry, the price point is high but honestly it's worth it, if you already own a N.P.G. onahole you already know what they are capable of, if you don't well this is a nice starter <_<
Motsutoys offer always amazing shipping and customer service.
Review helpful?
Costly but well worth it
Review by Pepperoni
At first i wasn't sure if the price for a rather small toy would be worth it, but i was proved wrong. It ended up being my go-to toy.
Outside is very nicely detailed, labia and clitoris look and feel good. Material is rather soft, but good quality. There are no signs of tearing after couple dozen uses. Inside is pretty tight, provides great suction, especially if you push all the air out beforehand. The only minus i noticed is the outside gets sticky faster than usual, but that's something that can be avoided with regular powdering. I definitely recommend this one
Review helpful?
amazing !
Review by yoyo
i like it it's onahole very realist good :)
Review helpful?
My first onahole
Review by EK
Feels amazing! I can not actually compare it to others, but was searching for the most realistic experience and it actually is quite realistic. It does it's job very fast and isn't hard to clean after. The only thing to complain and lower the rating a bit would be her inner red entrance teared up a bit quite fast even if I'm not actually going too hard with it.
Review helpful?
My second one
Review by Richter
This is my second onahole and it's amazing. I've searched online for realistic-like onaholes that are modeled after real women and I want to spend my money on the best and this one always intrigued me. And when it finally hit the shelves close to my region I had to have it.
It's linear, tight and easy to clean. The texture is pretty meaty.

I don't have much expertise involving onaholes, but I am very satisfied with this product and I will give it a full 10/10 in all departments. weight, length, color, you name it. it's all great.
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More Information

Number of holes 1
Product weight 600.00 g
Reusable Is reusable
Theme Anime
Tunnel length 140.00 mm
Open/Closed Closed
Number of layers 1 layer
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