Senpai who I look up to was a pretty barriered girl

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Senpai who I look up to was a pretty barriered girl

‘Senpai who I look up to was a pretty barriered girl’ is a mouthful, but this very long name describes this onahole well.

However for a lot of people this is a not much saying or an incomprehensible name, so we will dissect it for you.

‘Senpai’ is the name of the girl on the packaging, she looks mature and sexy with her provocative skirt and big breasts that almost fall out of her blouse. You can look up to her (who I look up to), but what shows? It appears that she is very shy. In other words a ‘barriered girl’ a girl with a barrier.

A ‘barriered girl’ is a bit scared of sexual acts and is especially very shy for the opposite sex,

Although she is not lesbian.

If her psychological barrier is broken, she fucks like a lunatic and she can’t get enough of it.

So far for the long explanation, for this long name. Read on quickly why this is a breakthrough in the onaholes!


The ‘Senpai who I look up to was a pretty barriered girl’ is an onahole made of the new Real Skin material from Toysheart. Real Skin is a nieuw kind of material, that according Toysheart themself, feels like the human skin

This material is as good as oil free and almost odorless. It feels smooth and different than for example the Safe Skin material from Toysheart.

On the inside she is made of the same material, except for the ring.

The Senpai is a slim onahole of 247 grams.

Vacuum Senpai who I look up to was a pretty barriered girl:

What is immediately noticeable of the ‘Senpai who I look up to was a pretty barriered girl’ is that when you squeeze the backside you hear a vacuum sound as if there is already lubricant inside. This strong vacuum is created by the round end chamber in combination with the barrier/narrowing in the middle.

The Tunnel:

The Senpai has a tunnel that starts with a few big nubs. In the middle you will come to the barrier. On the packaging it looks like some kind of straw in the tunnel, but in fact is is an ring of about 1 cm wide. You slide easily through this barrier, but it is a lot tighter than the other entrances of end chamber from Toysheart onaholes.

Senpai who I look up to was a pretty barriered girl

This red ring however is not the end of the narrowing, the tighter part goes on for a bit, until you reach the end chamber.

The end chamber, is a bigger space, covered with nubs and bumps that feel stimulating.

The concept of the narrowing in the middle, that ends in the end chamber can be called genius!

If you move back and forth with your penis through the ‘'Senpai who I look up to was a pretty barriered girl', you feel how delicious the underside of the glans (the frenulum) gets stimulated. Due to the narrowings and the nubs on the underside of the tunnel, it feels amazing.

Your penis ends in the vacuum chamber, that gives room to spray full and immediately fill itself with seed.

Luckily cleaning is simple due to the durable material. You can easily turn the onahole inside out to rinse her off well and let her dry.

Then you fold her back and dry the outside.

Conclusion and dimensions:

The Senpai who I look up to was a pretty barriered girl is seriously top-notch! And maybe even the best onahole in her weight class.
Her strong vacuum, and the attractive price, the durable material and the design of the tunnel, make this an onahole that you have to get.

Length: 15.5cm
Tunnel length: 14cm
Weight: 250 grams

Additional Information

Number of holes1
Number of layers1
ReusableIs reusable
Bone structureNo
Tunnel length140mm
Product weight250gram
  1. Fantastic Review by Senpai

    The feeling is amazing and the material is surprisingly durable in comparison to similarly-priced holes. A small bottle of lube that is very convenient to use and lasts for a while is included as well which is great.

    Overuse will have a negative impact on work/social life.

    Very solid. At the prize of an average date with a 3D woman it is definitely worth buying as it is not only more pleasurable, but also doesn't talk. (Posted on 5/16/2018)

  2. high-grade Review by Riva

    Special feature: Tight tube in the middle of the tunnel
    1,5 ★ turn inside out
    0,5 ★ special feature worn out
    0,5 ★ some nubs and ribs
    0,25 ★ lubricant included
    2,75 ★ ★★★☆☆
    My opinion:
    The onahole comes with a phial of lubricant. I like it very much, but it dries out qickly. The onahole smells barely noticeable. The special feature of this onahole is a tight tube in the middle of the tunnel that adds pressure. The sensation was great until it tore after first use. Even then it added sensation as a nub in the tunnel until the third cleaning flushed the tube out. The tunnel has some structures, but it is wide. By squeezing the onahole during use the sensation increases. Without the tube the onahole is made of only one material. This means it can be turned inside out for very easy cleaning and drying, which decreases the maintenance time significantly.
    My summary:
    Pretty easy to clean after the tight tube fell out, has to be squeezed for more sensation.
    My summing: ★★★☆☆ (Posted on 4/18/2018)