Seventeen Bordeaux

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Seventeen Bordeaux

The first Seventeen has been around for a decade, and has become a true classic. The Seventeen Bordeaux is the third incarnation of the Toysheart Seventeen! Toysheart is one of those companies that continually strives to improve its products, and listens to customer feedback.

The Seventeen Bordeaux measures 17 cm long, 6 cm wide, and weighs only 250 grams. With its sleek design, the Seventeen Bordeaux is very suitable to use with Love Dolls, such as the 3d Bijiri.

Toysheart Seventeen Bordeaux

It has a beautifully shaped vagina which is closed off at the back - creating a strong vacuum for suction. 
Many artificial vaginas have a small entrance of a few millimetres, which creates the risk of tearing. The entrance of the Bordeaux is larger, while it is made out of very high quality material. Those are just a few of the reasons why the Seventeen series has such a large group of fans. As pictured above, the artificial pussy has the Toysheart logo on its side.

The Material

The Seventeen Bordeaux is made out of two types of material - it is dual-layered.
The material inside is firm and highly stimulating. The outside is soft and smooth, and consists of Toysheart's unique Fine Cross material. 
A winning combination!

This is Fine Cross Material:
- Smooth surface
- Virtually odourless
- Practically oil-free

The small nubs inside the tunnel stimulate your penis very well. The tunnel has winding narrowings, and ends in a cervix. The changing shape of the tunnel feels incredible.

 Seventeen Bordeaux Onahole

Despite the fact that the interior material is quite firm, it is easy to turn the Seventeen Bordeaux inside out.


Length: 170 mm
Width: 55 mm
Internal length: 145 mm
Weight: 250 g
Material: TPE (Fine Cross)
Country of origin: Japan
Dimensions of packaging: 155 mm x 210 mm x 65 mm

In designing the Seventeen Bordeaux, Toysheart has really taken the customer feedback to their heart. 
If you are not familiar with Toysheart products, the Seventeen Bordeaux is an absolute must. A must-have, must-fuck!

Additional Information

Brand Toysheart
Number of holes 1
Number of layers 2
Open/Closed Closed
Reusable Is reusable
Bone structure No
Theme Anime
Tunnel length 145mm
Product weight 250gram
  1. Simple and easy to clean, decent suction Review by Lapprexiation

    Haven't tried the soft one yet.
    I like this Seventeen Bordeaux, not intense like the NPGs such as Zhang Xiao yu. And certainly much smaller (easy to carry and store).
    Used in combination with my new Kyo USB onahole warmer (replaces the flimsy broken one ingor a couple of years back from another supplier - the pink ones you might have seen online).
    Onyatsu lotion with the dispenser too..

    I'm not long so I wouldn't be hitting the cervix spot, but it is reachable if forcing by hand ✋ After getting going - a good suction and feeling.
    Its a bit of change from the larger onaholes (or if you are more of a hip user, adding this to your Meiki Hip might be a good idea).
    Again, I've only a competitor.plush hip, and I've not used that for my first go. I expect an even more awesome experience with the plush hip with this 17 as insert.

    Lastly, it's very durable, and I wouldn't worry about turning it inside out for cleaning (I don't do that for NPG or other dual layered onas). Finish with some talcum powder (SIMPLE does a nice unflavoured blend unlike.Johnson&Johnson). Though the Kyo powder seems similar.
    (Posted on 10/27/2021)

  2. Overall great, but I prefer the Soft. Review by Anon

    Internals feel really good but it does up quite a lot of lube which can get annoying. Build quality is excellent and after quite a bit of use shows no signs ripping or discolouration. I gave this 4/5 because I personally prefer the soft version, but that's just me.

    Like I said in the title, would 100% recommend for a starter Onahole. Great quality, feeling and price. (Posted on 8/16/2019)

  3. Amazing ona. Review by Abyss

    First experience using this felt bad till I tried push air out of it with added vacuum it makes amazing experience. Material like other toy heart products is great and cleaning is very simple. (Posted on 11/18/2018)

  4. Good for long sessions Review by ayisme

    The onahole's feel is rather simple, nothing crazy but that's what makes it good at the same time, because you can have longer sessions. (Posted on 6/11/2018)

  5. not worth it Review by iniwini

    on the internet this onahola was rated as one of the better ones , although to my surprise this onahole didn't live up to my expectations .
    The onahole does'nt have much feel to it . it's rather simple and bland . maybe it's just me ? i used it a couple of times but just moved on back to another one . (Posted on 3/15/2018)