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SevenTeen Evolution

The SevenTeen evolution - in short, the SevenTeen EVO - is Toysheart's follow-up of the Seventeen onahole.
The EVO is larger than the original Seventeen, and with 340 grams, it is 90 grams heavier than its predecessor. 
However, this is still a sleek masturbator that will fit inside most Love Dolls. 
Its shape and sleek design make it comfortable to handle. Another advantage - when compared to 600-700 grams onaholes - is that you can apply pressure during usage. It will mostly fit in your hand, so you can squeeze it during penetration.

Extremely Durable Material

Its exterior layer has also been improved. It is made out of Toysheart's Fine Cross material. 
This makes the Seventeen EVO feel very smooth, while it is odourless and very durable at the same time.
Toysheart has named the material Fine Cross, and it is strong, very strong! If you grab the artificial vagina with both hands and stretch it out, you will see that the density of the material is much bigger than that of the Meiki No Shoumei, for example.
Yet the material feels soft and smooth like skin, but never floppy.

The Entrance

Seventeen Evolution Toysheart

As you can see in the picture, the opening of the models in the Seventeen series is larger than that of other onaholes... and that is good news! 
Why, you ask? 
Well, the first thing is that you don't need to mess around when trying to penetrate the pussy. When an entrance is very small, men usually use more lubricant than required. The result is that there is too much lube inside the tunnel, so that you don't feel the structure of the tunnel as well as you could (while also wasting too much money on lubricant ;) ).
The second advantage is that the Seventeen Evolution will not tear. This is the result of the larger opening and the use of very durable material. 
The artificial vaginas in Toysheart's Seventeen series will pleasure you for many years!

The Interior

The original Seventeen was smooth inside, without interior structure. The EVO however, has a stimulating pattern inside. The shape of the tunnel has also been updated.

 Seventeen Evolution Male masturbator

The first part of the entrance has large ridges, and a G spot covered with nubs. Then follows a narrower part, leading to a chamber with stimulating studs and ribs. The cervix is the end chamber, which can be more easily penetrated than that of the original Seventeen.
This end chamber creates natural suction while you are thrusting away.

Seventeen EVO Features

- Dual-layered
- Super soft, yet firm Fine Cross material
- many stimulating nubs and ridges inside the tunnel
- Non-stick, odourless, safe material
- 3D structure
- Entrance larger than average
- Fits inside many Love Dolls and other inflatable products
- Free lubricant included
- Manufactured in Japan


The Seventeen Evolution can be cleaned by turning her inside out, rinsing it with water, and letting it dry out. You can also rinse the onahole without turning it inside out. In that case, we recommend to gently insert a cloth wrapped around a stick after rinsing, so that the cloth can absorb the water. As you see, cleaning the EVO is not a chore.

Seventeen Evo Onahole

Price and Quality

The Seventeen Evolution provides excellent value for money. You don't need a lot of lubricant, and the structure is very stimulating.  The material is very durable. 
We are sure that the EVO will become one of your favourite onaholes.

Additional Information

Number of holes1
Number of layers2
ReusableIs reusable
Bone structureNo
Tunnel length145mm
Product weight340gram