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KYO Torso

KYO Torso - Torso Masturbator 16.3 KG

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Sex Doll Types

The variety of sex dolls is incredible. We are all familiar with the inflatable doll, but Motsutoys also offers silicone sex dolls, plush sex dolls, very lifelike Real Dolls, and Dakimakura inflatable pillows.

Inflatable Dolls

Regular inflatable dolls don't provide a lot of stimulation because their interior is not structured. The inflatable dolls we sell have an opening to insert an artificial vagina. Some manufacturers have designed a corresponding artificial vagina for their inflatable doll. This gives you the (lifelike) size of a sex doll, combined with the realistic experience of an onahole.
Besides inflatable dolls, we also supply inflatable pillows. These Dakimakura pillows are inflatable pillows for which you can buy matching sexy manga covers. The pillows can hold two different types of onahole.
The combination of the erotic images on the pillows and the artificial pussy turns the pillow into a kind of sex doll.

Plush Sex Dolls

The Plush Sex Doll is another type of sex doll that will hold an artificial vagina. These are made out of a gorgeously soft plush material, and are perfect for a cuddle in the bedroom. Another advantage of the plush dolls is that they will never have a puncture.