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Love Body Coco - Apron only

Love Body Coco - Apron

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Love Body Coco - Bikini only

Love Body Coco - Bikini only

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Doll Mask Frontier Heisei

Coco Fairy Doll Mask

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Coco Soft Skin
Love Body Coco - Onahole only

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Love Body COCO

Love body Coco


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6 Item(s)

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Blow up sex dolls get a bad rep: people often picture the cheap porn star dolls from the seedy cornershop, with their limbs splayed out in all directions and printed with a slightly creepy face that looks nothing like the babe on the box. But it’s not the nineties anymore!

Premium Japanese Hentai Blow Up Dolls

We carry inflatable dolls from several different brands, each with their own aesthetic and ideas. Modern inflatable sex dolls are much more detailed and often have poses which not only emphasize their curves but also allow you to use them in different poses more easily.

Benefits of inflatable sex dolls

  • Ultra lightweight: your arms won’t get tired holding this doll in the right position! It weighs hardly anything
  • Realistic size: many of our sex dolls have measurements which allow you to dress them up in sexy clothing, underwear or of course cosplay
  • Easy to store: because they fold up and are lightweight an inflatable sex dolls are incredibly easy to store
  • Easy to clean: the smooth material of the doll’s skin isn’t absorbent, and can easily be wiped down with a wet cloth or even showered off. We do recommend letting it dry well before folding it.
  • Cheapest sex doll available: when it comes to price, nothing can beat an inflatable!

Are you looking for something a little heavier and jigglier? Be sure to check out our silicone sex dolls!