Dakimakura Pillow

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Dakimakura Hentai Pillow covers bring sexy hentai art into the real world. Available in different sizes, each with their own high-quality prints, there’s something for everyone.

Why buy a Dakimakura hentai pillow?

Like with all the items on our site, how to use them is up to you, but we do have a couple of suggestions. Other than looking at the art, the primary use of a dakimakura is as a sex pillow: you inflate the pillow (or used a stuffed pillow), slip an onahole into the special opening at the bottom, and use the pillow to grab onto while masturbating. This is a big step up from using your hand to grab the onahole.
Dakimakura pillows are also excellent as a sleep aid, however. Wrapping an arm around them at night allows you to take a more comfortable sleeping position, and especially during warm and humid summer months an air-filled pillow can be very comfortable.

How to use a Dakimakura pillow with an onahole or pocket pussy

The easiest way to combine your dakimakura with a masturbator is as follows:

  1. Partially inflate the pillow
  2. Put the onahole or pocket pussy in the hole*. If you can’t slide it in easily you can use a little renewing powder to make it glide in
  3. Inflate the dakimakura completely
  4. Apply personal lubricant
  5. Optional: use a sex toy warmer to heat your sex toy to a realistic temperature

* Which onahole is a good fit for your dakimakura hentai pillow depends on the type. Both pillows and onaholes usually have the sizes listed in the description. If you’re not sure if something will work feel free to contact us and we’ll try to answer your questions.