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KYO Piston - Sex machine for men

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Sex machines for men

Handsfree fucking and sucking with sex machines
While onahole and other masturbation toys for men are amazing, sometimes it’s easier to immerse yourself in the fantasy if you’re not the one moving the sleeve up and down. Our sex machines do all the work for you!

Important things to take into account

When buying an automatic masturbator there are a couple of things to think about.

  • Sound level: Do you need to to be quiet? A powerful motor will always make some amount of noise, but better models tend to be quieter.
  • Corded versus battery: corded sex machines can be used for as long as you want, and will never run out of juice. The drawback is that you can’t use them everywhere, and that the cord might get in the way. Rechargeable machines are increasingly common, especially now that their capacity is increasing. Sex machines on regular batteries are hardly ever used any more.
  • Variety: having different options for rhythm, speed and sometimes even inserts increases the chances that there’s something that hits your sweet spot.

Different settings for different moods KYO Piston Sex Machine

That it isn’t your hands doing the work doesn’t mean that you have no control, of course. Most of our sex machines for men feature different settings.

Use a slow and gentle setting if you want a long session. If you take a while to reach climax the end result will often be much more intense. Taking it slow is also a great way to train your sexual endurance and last longer in bed, of course.
A lower setting is also great if you’re not rock-hard at the start of the session yet.

But sometimes you don’t want to take forever: sometimes you want things fast and intense! Pick a setting with more movement or more beats per minute and feel yourself lose control as the machine’s rhythm intensifies. Whether you want a quicky or want to indulge in a forced-orgasm fantasy, these high settings are a lot of fun!

Special rhythms are another option: many sex machines offer the option of going hard for a couple of beats before slowing down again. Settings like these are good to tease yourself with or to practice edging.

Of course you can also combine these settings and switch between them again and again to make the experience perfect for you.

Using lubricant with auto sex machines

Like with all sex toys for men, using a good lubricant can be the difference between a mediocre or even painful experience and one that’ll blow your mind - and your load!

Unless the product description says otherwise, a water-based personal lubricant is what we recommend for use with sex machines for men. Water-based lubricant is easier to clean up than silicone or oil-based ones and it won’t react with the softer materials in the sex toy.

Replaceable sleeve inserts: yes or no?

Some sex machines for men come with different insertable sleeves. Getting several types allows you to get a lot more use out of your sex machine: different sleeves offer different types of stimulation and can be more or less intense.

Sleeves for sex machines tend to be a little thinner than onaholes, because they need to be extra stretchy. This feels great, but also means that they’re a little more fragile. Having a system with a replaceable sleeve means you can simply put in a new sleeve when it becomes necessary and don’t have to throw the whole machine out.