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Description / Smell of Girls' Shoes

Smell of Girls' Shoes

Why use an erotic perfume?

When you imagine a beautiful woman, maybe you’re thinking of how soft her skin feels, what her curves look like, how her moans sound and perhaps even what it feels like to slide into her and feel her pussy around you. Between the tactile sensation of an onahole and the visuals and sound of porn you’ve got quite a lot of senses covered already, but you can engage one more: smell!
People tend to underestimate how important smell is, but this sense is deeply tied to our memories and imagination.

Smell of Girls' Shoes

Many people love feet. They are beautifully shaped, and they’re a very intimate, sensitive part of a woman’s body. Shoes act almost like lingerie here, wrapping around the foot, taking and enhancing their shape. And after a whole day of wear, these shoes will smell like feet… And that isn’t a bad thing!
This smell fetish product by Tamatoys ties into foot fetishism, shoe fetishism and the love of bodily odors. It layers several different scents together: not just the slightly sour scent of sweat, but also the scent of rubber-soled shoes and general foot smell.

How to use

This smell is quite potent, and it’s best used in small quantities. Apply a single drop of this perfume onto your onahole, on a piece of cloth, your hand or a pair of shoes. Let it sit for a minute or so to let the scent sink in and develop, and it’s ready! You can definitely apply more than one drop, but we advise you to start small.
The smell will linger for quite a while.


This smell comes in a small glass bottle with a nozzle which will allow you to dose the scent exactly, drop by drop. The bottle may be small, but it will last for many uses!

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Very Bad
Review by Nathan
Doesn't smell like shoes, smell like chemical products and it stinks a lot
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International Reviews

Interessant parfum
Review by Gerben Jorik Smit
De meeste vrouwen vermijden mij in de buitenwereld. Maar zolang ik thuis ben met dit geweldige geurtje blijf ik ontzettend blij, sterker nog, mijn hond is er dol op.

Zeer goed product!
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