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Squishy Sisters

Squishy Sisters is a special hip from Rends from Japan. For years Rends have been making progressive toys and this masturbator hip is also a special product. On the box there is a drawing of two sisters that love to have sex. They lay in such a position so that you can take them alternately.

Squishy Sisters

Two vaginas

What is striking about the Squishy Sisters is that both the upper and lower vagina have a slit. You see this in a lot of manga drawings, because the labia are censored in Japan. On the back side there is an opening (where the circle is) this is not a sperm exit, but we will come back on this later. When you pull the outer labia aside, then the red-pink tunnel appears. The tunnel is made of meaty material, different from the mouldable outside, the inner layer gives much more stimulation. We call this double layered.
Two vaginas

This double-decker-hip has realistic tunnels in the shape of the positions which the women have taken.
Squishy Sisters OnaHip

The upper tunnel runs slightly downwards. The lower tunnel, of the woman which lays on her back, runs slightly upwards. The tunnels are not only different in terms of shape, the pattern of both tunnels also differ.

The lower tunnel starts with coarse fleshy ridges followed by a bumpy part with a small end chamber.

The woman which sits on her knees for you, you can push deep inside her, just like you would with a real woman that is in the doggy position.

With the upper woman of the Squishy Sisters, you can even enter her womb. This end chamber you see in the image, ensures an extra strong vacuum.

3 possibilities:

Did you think we were there with 2 tunnels? Then you are wrong, you can penetrate the space between the two girls as well. This is an ‘open hole’ tunnel, which is open on the backside.
Squishy Sisters OnaHip

With a weight of no less than 4kg and three tunnels, of which two tunnels are double layered, this hip is a special hip with a lot of bang for your buck.

Cleaning of the Squishy Sisters:

You make the Squishy Sisters clean by rinsing water through the tunnels. Then you dry the tunnels using a thin or microfiber cloth, which absorbs water well. You can then sprinkle some AG+ powder or corn starch in the tunnels, to remove the last moisture.

Dimensions Squishy Sisters:

Rends Squishy Sisters use
The Squishy Sisters is 4100 grams heavy and 23 cm wide and has a length of 18,1 cm.

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