Student Council President

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Student Council President

The Student Council President is an anal onahole. We don’t come across onaholes with only an anal tunnel very often. Naturally Kokos has the Tong-ggo on the market, but if we compare this to the Student Council President of Toysheart, the Student Council has a lot more to offer.

In many ways a scoop:

An onahole or ona-anus? Let’s call it anal masturbator. A anal masturbator is an onahole with only an anal tunnel.
The anal masturbator of Toysheart is in many ways innovative. Firstly this is the first anal masturbator in our webshop that:
- also has a detailed vagina (labia and a clitoris)
- is double layered (the inner layer is made of more stimulating material).
- has a special sphincter feature.
- has a beautiful manga packaging (made by the Japanese erotic cartoonist Kitani Sai).

How does this anal masturbator feel?

The vagina looks inviting, but is not penetrable. The outside of the anus looks very realistic.
But with this anal masturbator it is of course about the anal experience and it is in one word… amazing!
Everyone that has anally penetrated a woman, knows that the sphincter feels very good during anal sex and that the rest of the tunnel is not that tight.
That is exactly what Toysheart has made with the Student Council President.
The tunnel has a special ring that provides a strong effect during use. This sphincter ring grips your shaft and ensures that your penis stays stiff.
The interior of the tunnel is decorated with organic folds and creases that simulate the rectum.
On the cross section below you can see what the tunnel looks like on the inside.

Student Council President

Because the backside of the Student Council President is closed, a vacuum is created. If you squeeze out all the air, you create a good vacuum, because the sphincter ring seals the entrance very well.
If you love anal, this anal masturbator is a must have for you!

Material of the Student Council President

For those who know Toysheart, know that they make very durable materials. For the Student Council President the popular Fine Cross material is used. This special mix has elastic and durable features. It is odorless and is as good as oil free, without having to sacrifice stretchiness.

Student Council President onahole

The outside feels soft and skin-like, while the inside provides more stimulation, due to the red colored layer.
The structure of the tunnel has some sort of bubbles.

In short:

The Student Council President is a beautiful anal masturbator that is very tight at the entrance. She gives a mild stimulation in the rest of the tunnel. She has a reasonable long tunnel and an end chamber.

Length: 150mm
Width: 75mm
Internal Length: 130mm
Weight: 302g
Material: Fine Cross
Made in Japan
Bottle of lubricant included.

Order the Student Council President today.

Additional Information

  1. Good Review by Momo

    The interior is ok, not that bad but not that great either.
    The ring thingy though is what I wanted from an anal onahole, it's spot on, really worth it.

    I recommend it for sure. (Posted on 6/10/2020)

  2. Great product Review by RedSoldier757

    Very tight, it's best selling point. Has a great feel to it and a firm suction. This anal masturbator is worth the price and provices a great a experience. It didn't get me off too quickly but when it did, oh boy... SPLOOSH! (Posted on 5/31/2020)

  3. Not a beginner's choice Review by Jack

    Takes a combination of the right lube and a couple attempts to find the right technique & suction level to make this work - it went from being not so good, to almost electrifying for me. It is REALLY tight - I had significant trouble even entering it - but the trick to it for me was maintaining the right amount of pressure on the top part, which mitigated the strangling tightness at the entrance somewhat and gave some more feeling to the rest of it. Recommended, but consider it carefully. (Posted on 2/23/2019)

  4. Prepare the lube Review by James

    No really, prepare the lube (not too much, though), because without it you can't even get in. But once you're in, oh man. Tight doesn't even describe it. The ring actually does its job really well, and it's sturdy on top of that. The middle of the tunnel is narrow and acts like a second entrance, which means stimulation at two spots which can be quite intense.

    But honestly, other than the ring and the narrow part, you barely feel anything. I don't know if it's from the tightness or from the lack of texture, but the rest of the onahole offers little to nothing. So my recommendation is you should get it for the tightness and nothing else. In that regard it's just the right amount, not too much. I have yet to find a worthy competitor that balances it this well and doesn't break after only a couple of uses.

    + Good price
    + Well balanced amount of tightness
    + Two tight spots
    + Sturdy
    - Little to no stimulation from the ribs (Posted on 6/17/2018)

  5. OMG Review by Japonski

    That Analmastubator is really something! I like the shape and the tight entrance! The tightness made me insane first. Everthing behind the so called “cockring” is fine. It doesn’t make be come to fast. When I am at my limit I release the air to create a nice vacuum and the finish is just the best. The ring let me fast so long, until I build up enough for a nice orgasm. In combination with Peace lube and a onahole warmer, I was more exhausted then after sports (Posted on 10/15/2017)

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