Sujiman Kupa EXTRA-Virgin Lolinco


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Sujiman Kupa EXTRA-Virgin Lolinco

Another addition to the Sujiman Kupa series by MagicEyes, is the EXTRA-Virgin Lolinco, and it is rather clear with its unique feature: EXTRA-Virgin. It has been designed to not only give you that virgin experience, but to enhance that experience to whole new levels. She may be inexperienced, but do take care of this cute bride!

Gorgeous and soft sex toy for men

Just like the other Lolinco products, her subtle, petite body has once again been given shape with this wonderful onahole. With her small breasts, curvy hips and great waist, the Sujiman Kupa EXTRA-Virgin Lolinco is already great to look at. If you then combine it with the fact that it has been made with the soft Magic Eyes Skin, it becomes even better because of how realistic it feels.

The torso is small enough to easily wash in the sink, yet it is big enough to still be able to enjoy the shapes and softness. The pussy part of this onahole is actually designed to have a more realistic size. And, just like the other Sujiman Kupa products, the pussy lips are also nice and narrow.

A really tight Onahole Extra Virgin Onahole

The tunnel of this onahole is separated into 3 sections. First off is the entrance with the big puffy outer labia. From the get-go the tunnel is already pretty tight, but nothing compares to the dark red hymen of course. The hymen is made with a firm material, ensuring that the hymen will not only feel extremely tight, it will also remain this way for a long time.

Once you’ve pierced through the hymen, be ready to enjoy the soft stimulation of the next section. The realistic fleshy walls of the vagina stimulate you as you make your way inside. Not only that, because the hymen keeps its firmness even after you pass through it, you will continue to experience its tightness on your shaft as you go deeper.

As a finisher to your experience, the last section has a cervix with 30mm diameter, which you can even enter! The cervix has been made with the same dark red material as the hymen, showing that it is equally as firm and tight. The inside of this uterus not only has extra tight walls, it also gives you a strong stimulation due to the consistent firmness. This small uterus-like opening is around 3 cm deep.

Magic Eyes Skin

The Sujiman Kupa EXTRA-Virgin Lolinco is made with Magic Eyes' own special materials called Magic Eyes Skin. After being tested for safety, these materials received official approval from the Japanese Ministry of Health, Labor and Welfare, stating that it is in accordance with the Food Sanitation Law Standard 370. This means that you can use this sex toy without having the slightest worry about safety, even if you have a sensitive skin that gets easily irritated.

Usage and Maintenance of a tight pocket pussy
Because of the tightness of the hymen and the cervix, be sure to spend a little extra attention when cleaning. This applies especially for two specific spots, namely right behind the hymen and all the way inside the uterus. Making use of one of our [cleaning products] will certainly help with this, so feel free to take a look at them.

And while you are at it, be sure to check out [personal lubricants] to use with the Sujiman Kupa EXTRA-Virgin Lolinco. We recommend you use a runny/low viscosity lubricant so that you will be able to get the lube to the back of your onahole whilst simultaneously being able to enjoy all the fleshy textures.

The Sujiman Kupa EXTRA-Virgin Lolinco in short

This onahole has been made with the safe Magic Eyes Skin in the shape of a miniature torso. It has a remarkably tight and firm hymen, and a similarly tight cervix leading to a uterus at the end of the tunnel.

Weight: 660gr
Length: 18cm
Width: 90cm
Tunnel length: cm
Made by: MagicEyes

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BrandMagic Eyes
  1. Not the best product Review by Andy

    Not as sensitive as I tought. it feels hard inside, espacialy at the bottom.
    I already tried the Sujiman Kupa Lolinco which is better to me. (Posted on 5/20/2020)