Superb Fella 3 Blow Job Masturbator


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The Superb Fella 3 isn’t A-One’s first blowjob masturbator, but it’s definitely their best yet! The flexible material and well-shaped tunnel make for a unique and realistic experience.

Superb Fella 3: Realististic stimulation

The Superb Fella 3 blowjob masturbator is made out of two layers: a soft, skin-like flexible layer on the outside, and a sturdier layer on the inside to provide stimulation. The outside is beautiful: a small nose and luscious feminine lips.

The inside of the Superb Fella 3 is both realistic and stimulating. It doesn't have a tongue but instead there is a pleasure spot! The palate on top is way. When you insert yourself into this masturbator you will feel the pleasure spot massage the tip while the rest of your penis gets rubbed by the soft ridges. You even have the option to turn the Goku Fella around and experience a whole different stimulation.

If you push all the way inside you will feel the tunnel getting tighter and tighter to make it feel like real deep-throat oral. This narrower area also has ridges and nubs, which feels amazing!

Because the Superb Fella 3 has a closed back you can create a strong vacuum by squeezing the air out before you penetrate her. If you do this it feels like she’s really sucking your cock! The small opening of the mouth aids in this, not only retaining the vacuum but also ensuring the lube doesn’t leak out.

Superb Fella Lubricant

That lube is absolutely worth a try, by the way! The free 80 ml sample is quite a runny lubricant, developed specifically to mimic saliva. It forms realistic bubbles and helps make it feel like a real blowjob. If this sample isn’t enough for you, we also highly recommend the Sweet Lotion by Magic Eyes, another saliva-style lubricant.

Cleaning the Superb Fella

Because the Goku Fella 3 doesn’t have any super-complex tunnels with deep structures it is very easy to clean. Simply rinse her out under the tap, squeeze the moisture out, and absorb the last drops with an absorbent piece of cloth.

Unique Blowjob Masturbator

All in all, the Goku Fella 3 is an amazing onahole, and we haven’t seen any other blow job masturbators which does such a great job mimicking deep throat! If you can’t get enough of oral, this is the toy for you.

Total length: 14.5cm
Total width: 8 cm
Tunnel length: 13 cm
Weight: 450 grams
Material: TPE
Made in Japan by A-One
Comes with a free 80 ml lube sample

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