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Taimanin Asagi 3

Looking for a strong, toned woman who knows what’s she’s doing? This onahole by PPP is based on Asagi Igawa, one of the main characters from Taimanin Asagi, a very popular Hentai series.

Onahole with a story

What if humans and demons lived side by side peacefully? What if some demons chose to broke this pact, and had to be hunted down by sexy ninja warriors? What if the demons used pleasure as a weapon?

Welcome to the world of Taimanin Asagi. The series itself is not for everyone, as it features a lot of tentacles and very little consent, but if that’s your thing watching the series while you use this onahole will bring your experience to the next level.

Igawa’s body is tall and toned, sculpted to perfection by years of intense training. A revealing, aerodynamic outfit wraps around every curve, showcasing it. The onahole itself isn’t as curvy as the character, but the details of her outfit are still visible. It weighs about 280 grams and measures 13 cms, which is a little shorter than average, but it has some stretch to it. .

Weaponized pleasure


It looks like our heroine has picked up a thing or two from the demons. She does not yield to you easily, and the hole itself is pretty intense!

The opening is fairly small and tight. Not the easiest to penetrate, but once you are in it will grip around you almost like a cockring. With an onahole based on an experienced woman you might not expect such a virginally tight opening, but we’re not complaining. 
The main tunnel consists of three separate and very different parts. Just after the tight entrance you’ll find a small area lined with closely spaced round nubs. These nubs may not seem like much, but their well-defined structure means you’ll feel them glide over you with every thrust.
The second part takes up the majority of the onahole. The tunnel narrows and spirals down.It is lined with organic folds and ridges, and because the tunnel isn’t straight that means they will press against different parts of you more strongly or less strongly.
At the end, the tunnel tightens slightly before admitting you to the final chamber. It is lined with lengthwise ridges which feel great on the top of your cock if you twist the Taimanin Asagi 3 a little.

While the character is tall, this onahole isn’t the biggest. If you have a larger circumference, the tight opening might be too much of a good thing for you. It is possible to widen the opening if you find it uncomfortably tight, of course! The length of the onahole can be limiting as well, but with the great texture on the end wall it’s great to be able to really push into it.


The onahole has a fairly straightforward tunnel, with no real deep crevices for dirt to gather. The only issue you might have is with the small opening, but if you hold it open it will still be pretty easy to rinse the Taimanin Asagi 3 out.
Flush it with plenty of water, and possibly some toy cleaner. Squeeze out as much water as possible. After letting it drip dry insert a clean absorbent cloth and leave it there for a couple of minutes to absorb the moisture.
Once everything is dry you can apply a layer of maintenance powder to the outside. This will keep your onahole feeling smooth and will keep dust from sticking to it.

In short

The Taimanin Asagi Onahole has a swirling tunnel that wraps around you tightly. Let the delicious curves press against you from every angle as you twist and pull this onahole, its vacuum bringing you closer and closer to climax!!


Box size: 17 x 9 x 9 cm
Onahole length: 13 cms
Onahole width: 5.5 cm
Onahole weight: 282 grams
Includes free lube sample
Material: TPE
Made by PPP

Additional Information

  1. Good but more on the softer side Review by S

    Its good once you get used to it but the material used is not hard but after a couple of uses, would have been better if the material was firmer. (Posted on 10/26/2018)

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