Take Off Her Underwear Onahole


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Take Off Her Underwear

One of the best ways to build up your excitement is to slowly strip off a woman’s clothing, revealing the sexy body underneath. This onahole lets you do exactly that!

Everything on display

This onahole doesn’t hide away behind a cardboard box. This shiny plastic wraps around her tiny, curvaceous body and shows off all the beautiful curves. The body is about 12.5 cms tall and 7 cms wide, weighing in at 250 grams. This makes the Take Off Her Underwear a great size to hold with one hand.

To strip or not to strip, that's the question

When you take this onahole out of the box you’ll see that the pink underwear is soft and stretchy, made out of a similar material as the onahole itself. You can pull down her top to reveal her round, perky breasts, or slide the panties to the side to reveal her tight pussy. This onahole looks great from every side: a round butt, narrow waist, and very detailed despite its diminutive size. A lot of onaholes that are made to look like a woman’s body lack curves, but this one definitely doesn’t! You can undress her entirely, of course, but maybe you find it even more exciting to have her clothing pulled to the side.

Exciting tunnel

Has the act of undressing made you eager to get started? You’ll be glad to hear that the tunnel is at least as exciting as the outside! When you slide inside you’ll feel her tight opening seal around you, and directly after that you’ll push through a thick ring-like gate. What follows next is a pleasantly tight tunnel lined with an organic texture - but that isn’t all: There are five large bumps which will slide over you from the bottom and the top simultaneously. Because they are so large and flexible they move along every time you move, which feels great. By turning the onahole different ways you can let these bumps slide over different parts of you, to intensify or temper the experience.
After this the tunnel tightens ever so slightly, micro ridges lining the sides, before opening up into the final room. Not only is this room lined with a bumpy organic texture, it also has a couple of bumpy flexible bands which run right across it. These bands will wrap around you differently each time you thrust in, stimulating the head of your cock. Thanks to the stretchy material this feeling is tantalizing rather than overpowering, and if you use your hands to push the onahole around you can get these bands to go exactly where you want them.


The Take Off Her Underwear is pretty easy to clean, as it has no complex internal folds. The only area that needs some extra attention when washing and drying is the end room, where stuff can get trapped behind the stretchy bands. Rinse it a couple of times, use your fingers to reach inside, or “knead” it loose from the outside and you will have no trouble at all.
When the onahole is clean, dry it by pushing an absorbent cloth inside or using one of our special drying sticks. Leave them inside for a couple of minutes and they will absorb most of the moisture. If you dust some maintenance powder over the outside the onahole will feel soft and smooth again, and less dust will stick to it. Store it dry, cool and away from sunlight to make the material last.


Onahole Weight: 250 grams
Onahole length: 12.5 cm
Onahole width: 7 cm
Material: TPE
Three separate parts: onahole, top and panties
Includes free lube sample
Made in Japan by Enjoy Toys

In short

The Take off Her Underwear onahole allows you to take it slow, stripping away her underwear and revealing the curvy body underneath - or rip the clothing off, we won’t judge! The tunnel gives different types of sensation depending on how you turn it, which is always a plus. There aren’t many comparable onaholes out there, this one’s worth giving a try!

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