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TamaToys is a brand which has a very wide variety of items and their products are mostly aimed at more "niche" interests.

If you have a specific fetish, TamaToys might have something for you! They aren’t afraid to deviate from the standard onaholes, and you can see this with toys like the "Futanari Musume" which has both a penis and a vagina or the "Punyo in the Chinpo" where you literally penetrate a penis. It's not everyone's cup of tea, but we applaud their dedication to the unusual!

Erotic perfumes and smell fetishes

TamaToys also carries some rather specific scents, such as the "Smell of the girls 'school students' shoes". Toys are usually designed to stimulate only two of our senses: sight and touch. These scents add another sense to the mix, and that really lifts the experience to a whole new level! If you have a specific fantasy you like to indulge in, like fucking a horny student with dirty panties, these scents help make the experience more real.

Japanese Dakimakura pillows

We also carry a wide assortment of TamaToys' high quality Dakimakura Pillows . These inflatable pillows have lots of different pillow cases to choose from, and with everything from the cute girl next door to a horny cat maid there's sure to be a design you love! Of course, the Dakimakura pillows aren't just to look at. There are two different holes in the inflatable pillow which you can put an onahole into. The pillow adds a lot of "bulk" to the toy and gives you something to hold onto and squeeze. Both the pillow itself and the pillowcase are easy to clean.

As you can see, Tamatoys has several different ways to elevate your experience to the next level. If you have a specific fetish or want to try something novel be sure to give their products a look.

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