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Tenga Flex masturbator

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28 Mar 2018 - 30 Mar 2018

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Tenga Flex Masturbator

The Tenga Flex is a reusable Tenga masturbator which also has a vacuum effect during use. How much vacuum you decide yourself.

The inside of the sleeve feels soft to the touch. The wide opening ensures that you slide in easily. The tunnel starts with a ring shaped narrowing that makes sure that the lubricant does not slip out easily when you use the Tenga Flex.

The outside has rough ridges, which make sure that you have a good grip on it even when you have lubricant on your hands. The spiral shaped outside makes the turning motion and contraction of the ridges possible.


How does the Tenga Flex work?

You would think that the upper side of the Flex spins when your penis is in it. But this is not how this Tenga works. When your penis is in the sleeve, the outside won’t let you turn it anymore, the middle part would contract and rotate in and that’s not possible, because your penis is there.

So how does it work?
When you keep the hole (at the top of the Tenga Flex) closed, you notice that when you pull the Flex upwards, the middle part makes turning motion. This is due to the vacuum, that ensures that the cup contracts. This contracting happens in a turning motion, which make the Tenga Flex turn on your glans, which gives a nice feeling in combination with the vacuum.
Regarding the feeling the Tenga Flex is a pretty fun product and the design does not only look stylish but it is also amazingly well-crafted.


Due to the inside (the sleeve) being removable, the Flex is easy to clean. You take the sleeve out of the exterior and you can then turn it inside out to rinse it under the tap.
Always let the sleeve dry out well before you turn it back and put it in the exterior.
Putting back the sleeve is extra easy due to the long white standard that’s in the product.

The transparent packaging in which this product is delivered, lends itself well to store the Tenga Flex in again.

Two variants:

The Tenga Flex is available in two variants, white and black.

The white Tenga Flex has a milder structure and the black one is a bit tighter and has a thicker sleeve.

A 10 ml Tenga Real lotion will be delivered along the Tenga Flex.

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