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Tenga Hexa

A masturbator that automatically spins around you when you move it up and down, without any electronic parts: it sounds too good to be true, but Tenga makes it possible! Keep reading and check out the video if you want to find out how this works... 

Give it a spin

The Spinner's striking design consists of two materials. The main body of this masturbator is made out of a smooth, transparent material, which is neither particularly firm nor particularly soft. Wrapped around this in a spiral shape is a brightly colored cord.

So, what does this special construction do? If you use enough water-based lube, the tight opening of the Spinner Hexa will seal around you and allow a mild vacuum to form. Instead of merely moving up and down with a little more suction, the Spinner will twist in on itself, spinning around you rapidly as you pull back. The hexagonal designs will stroke you in a way you've never experienced before! 

Plenty of variety

The Tenga Spinner is available in three different designs: Hexa, Shell and Tetra.

The Tenga Spinner Hexa is a solid choice for most people. It has great stimulation but isn't so intense that you'll get overstimulated before you climax. If you want to adjust the level of stimulation further you can opt to pair it with a thinner lube for a more intense experience or a thicker lube to make it a little milder. The internal structure consists entirely of small hexagons, each filled with small, flexibale triangular nubs. Each nub comes to a point, which gives a really enjoyable kid of stimulation. The deepest part of the Hexa's tunnel houses an end chamber filled with larger nubs to glide over the sensitive head of your penis. 

Tetra - milder
If you prefer a milder masturbator, you might have more fun with the Spinner Tetra. This type is not only made out of a softer material, but also has a slightly larger inner diameter and a less intense texture. The shapes that protrude from the sides are covvered in micro-ridges. Will you might not be able to feel each individual ridge, the texture as a whole adds some very nice friction. The end chamber here also has large, stimulating nubs. 

Shell - more intense
If you do want to feel each individual ridge glide over you, try the Spinner Shell! This onahole is a lot more intense than the Hexa thanks to the firmer material and shell-shaped design. This third design is for those who like a very stimulating onahole. The ridges here are designed to be enjoyable top-to-bottom, but also left-to-right, something that's essential with an onahole that spins like this one does! 

tenga spinner

Sleek design

Tenga's designs are always modern, sleek and stylish, and the Spinner Series fits perfectly in this aesthetic. With the smooth cylindrical packaging and beautiful high-quality materials it's Tenga as we know it. 

Drying case

Another thing Tenga does well is ease of use. While other onaholes are hard to dry, and you either have to turn them inside out (risking tearing) or putt absorbent material inside, the Spinner series comes with a built-in drying stand. Inside the bottom part of the packaging you'll find a holder with air holes. Put your masturbator in here after washing it and it will airdry all by itself. 

In short

The design that spins all by itself is a brilliant invention, and most people will greatly enjoy the way the Tenga Spinner series whirls around you with every stroke. If the Hexa isn't your cup of tea, maybe one of the other two designs is! 


Length: 13 cm (stretches up to ~17 cm)
Width: 4.5 cm
Internal width: stretches up to ~5 cm

  • Spinner Masturbator
  • Drying case
  • Top Cover
  • Bottom Cover
  • Lubricant sample

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