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Tenga Shell

It sounds almost too good: A masturbator that automatically spins around you with every stroke, without any electronic parts. But Tenga has done it again! Read on and watch the video to learn more about Tenga’s newest innovation!

Take it for a spin

The Tenga Spinner consists of two different materials: the flexible, transparent main body, and the colorful spiral wrapping around this.

So how does it work? After applying some water-based lubricant to the entrance push your way in through the rounded opening. The air will be pushed out, but when you pull the Tenga Spinner back up again, the opening will have sealed around you, forming a vacuum. Thanks to the special design, the onahole won’t pull straight up, but will stead twist in on itself, spinning around you and letting its delicate designs whirl over you in an amazing way.

Three varieties

The Tenga Spinner is available in three different designs: Hexa, Shell and Tetra.

The most intense design in the Spinner series is the Shell. When it comes to stats it doesn’t appear to be very different from the Spinner Hexa, but the different internal structure means that this masturbator offers a completely different kind of stimulation. The seashell shapes on the inside create many well-defined small edges that will slide over you one by one, which feels amazing. While Tenga’s “Stimulation” rating is the same for Hexa and Shell, most people will find this Shell design brings them to orgasm more quickly than the other two do.

Tetra is the mildest of the three: perfect if you like longer sessions or get overstimulated quickly. The internal diameter is a little wider, the material is soft and yielding, and the geometric shapes with micro-ridges are pleasantly stimulating. The end chamber has several large, flexible nubs to stimulate the very tip of your penis.
Click here  to check out the Tetra!

If you’re looking for something a little more intense, the Spinner Hexa might be more to your liking: the material is firmer and the diameter is a little tighter, though it will still stretch to accommodate most girths. The internal structure here is completely different from the Tetra. The walls are lined with small hexagons, each filled with six triangular nubs. The sharp edges on these nubs make for very precise stimulation, and a feeling that not many other onaholes offer. The deepest part of the tunnel is filled with more angular nubs, which will glide over you every time you thrust inside.
Click here to check out the Tenga Spinner Hexa!

tenga spinner

Sleek design

It’s what on the inside what counts… But Tenga knows the outside is important too. As always, Tenga goes with a stylish, abstract design and uses beautiful, high-quality materials. The Spinner is packaged in a cylindrical case of sturdy plastic, which isn’t only perfect for storage but also works as a drying case.

Drying case

After cleaning your Tenga Spinner with lukewarm water you will have to dry it. Usually, drying onaholes is pretty tricky, but Tenga has included a special onahole drying stand with the Spinner. Simply set the onahole in this drying stand, hole down, and it will air-dry perfectly.

In short

The Tenga Spinner’s rotating design is a brilliant innovation, and with the three different designs there is something for everyone.


Length: 13 cm (stretches up to ~17 cm)
Width: 4.5 cm
Internal width: stretches up to ~5 cm
Spinner Masturbator
Drying case
Top Cover
Bottom Cover
Lubricant sample

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