Tenga Spinner Tetra


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Tenga Spinner Tetra

Tenga has come up with another awesome innovation: a masturbator that whirls and spins around you without any mechanical parts! Want to know more? Read on and view the video to learn more about the Tenga Spinner series. 

Take it for a spin

There are two different materials in the Tenga Spinner Tetra. The main body consists of a semi-transparent  which is fairly soft. Wrapped around the outside is a second material, a line of blue that spirals around the wntire masturbator several times. 

Want to try it out? Apply some water based lubricant on the rim of the Tetra and on the inside, and slide in through the opening. You'll feel the opening seal around you tightly, and that's part of what makes the Spinner's magic work. When you push in, the air squeezes out - but when you pull back, the air won't get back in and a mild vacuum will form, causing the Spinner Tetra to wrap in on itself and spin around your shaft, sliding its delicious texture with micro ridges over you. 

Three types to pick from

The Tenga Spinner Tetra is the mildest of the three: perfect if you like longer sessions or get overstimulated quickly. This version is a little roomier on the inside, which is great if you have a larger diameter or don't like tight onaholes. It stretches to a diameter of about 5 cms. This onahole also has the softest, most yielding material, which means it will be a little less stimulating. You can always finetune it by using a thicker lubricant to mellow the texture out further of grabbing a thinner lubricant  if you want to feel every detail.
When it comes to texture, the Tetra has an interesting design, with geometric protruding shapes covered in micro-ridges. At the very end you'll find a small chamber covered in large, flexible nubs to rub the head of your penis. 

If you’re looking for something a little more intense, the Spinner Hexa might be something for you. Tighter and firmer than the Tetra, the Hexa delivers a stimulation that's a little above average by Tenga's own standards. It has a completely different structure, consisting of hexagons with small triangular spikes. While these look sharp, the material is soft enough that it feels much better than it looks. 

Not stimulating enough? The Spinner Shell is the third and most intense design in this series. The material and tightness aren't all that different from the Hexa, but the shell-shaped texture creates many small ridges that will rub past you one by one, bringing you to your climax quickly. 

tenga spinner

Sleek design

While the inside is the most important, Tenga never dissapoints with their sleek, modern designs. If you're someone who doesn't like realistic-looking masturbators and prefers something more neutral or abstract, this company will probably have something for you.  

Easy cleaning and drying

One unpleasant aspect of a masturbator is the cleanup afterwards. As we have seen in the past with the Tenga Flip Zero, it's something Tenga definitely takes into account when coming up with new designs, and the SPinner series is no exception. While this one doesn't fold open like the Flip Zero does, it is very easy to rinse out, and the special drying stand that's integrated into the packaging makes air-drying the inside quick and easy. 

In short

The Tenga Spinner’s rotating design is a brilliant innovation, and with the three different designs there is something for everyone. The Spinner is mild but not boring, and feeling the micro-ridged texture whirl around the tip of your penis with every stroke feels great! 


Length: 13 cm (stretches up to ~17 cm)
Width: 4.5 cm
Internal width: stretches up to ~5 cm
Spinner Masturbator
Drying case
Top Cover
Bottom Cover
Lubricant sample

Additional Information

  1. Pretty good Review by Delta

    This toy is a pretty good development by Tenga. It offers a pretty decent amount of stimulation but the "spinner" function doesn't offer as much of a unique experience as I expected, but it does make it cling to you in a way that is pleasant. They material it is made of is hard to damage and cleans up nicely. The packaging too serves as good storage as well as being useful to dry it out. (Posted on 2/23/2019)

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