Tenga Vacuüm controller + Ultra Size Tenga Cup

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Tenga Vacuum Controller

With the Tenga Vacuum Controller you can upgrade any Tenga cup to a motorized vacuum cup. 
The cups already create significant suction when you plug the valve, but with the motorized Vacuum Controller you only need to stick your dick inside to enjoy the vacuum.

Why would this be nice and handy?

If you want to enjoy a vacuum with standard Tenga cups, you have to penetrate them first, plug the hole on top, and pull your penis out.
With the Tenga Vacuum Controller, you don't even need to be hard! Just let the Controller suck your dick inside.
Imagine your penis being sucked into the smooth, wet Tenga cup, for as long and hard as you desire!

Are you losing some of your strength? Simply turn the suction functionality back on.

How powerful is the Tenga Vacuum controller?

That was our main question upon the launch of this product. And of course, is it noisy?
After a demonstration from one of the Tenga staff, we were convinced. My colleague responded: 'This could actually hurt!'. We pushed the palm of our hand against the entrance of a Tenga Ultra Size Deep Throat cup, with the motor running. From the start you can feel the suction pressure building up until an extremely strong vacuum is created.
The Tenga Vacuum Controller is so powerful that it is guaranteed to suck your penis into a state of full glory, enabling you to enjoy the lovely structure of the Tenga cups to the fullest.

But the preferred strength of a vacuum is a personal choice. Some men like a stronger vacuum than others. Despite the fact that the motor will only switch on and off, the vacuum can be controlled very accurately.
The device needs 4 AAA batteries, which are not supplied. 

At continuous load the batteries will last 70 minutes. But realistically, you'll probably only use the Vacuum Controller for minutes at a time. 

The release button

The release button is there to release the pressure by letting air flow in the Tenga cup from the top. This safety feature ensures that the vacuum is easily manageable, and you'll never get stuck

This set includes:

The Tenga Vacuum Controller, with adapter for smaller cups. This controller can be used for small and big Tenga cups.
The Ultra Size Tenga Deep Throat Cup. 

The Controller is powered by 4 AAA batteries which are not supplied. 
The Tenga Vacuum Controller is not waterproof.


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