Tenga: Sleek and Stylish


Tenga is one of the world's most famous sex toy brands and for many it's one of the first male masturbation toys they come across. It was founded in 2005 and has been growing and innovating ever since. Just because they're common doesn't mean they're boring or plain, though!

The name Tenga means "righteously arranged and elegant" and we can see that this Japanese brand goes for a clean design aesthetic with a lot of clean lines and modern colours. If you're not too fond of realistic looking pussies or torsos.. Tenga offers a more abstract experience. Tenga products are not designed to mimic real vaginas on the inside or the outside.

The inside of Tenga products definitely is something special! Tenga has dozens of different internal designs, and there's sure to be something you like. While a lot of onaholes try to go for a realistic design with pink flesh, ridges, nubs and bumps, the inside of Tenga's products looks like the inside of a spaceship.

Onahole Lubricants

Tenga also offers three different lubricants which allows you to tailor the experience to your own desire. The Mild is a thicker lubricant, which will stay put inside your masturbator and last longer. The thickness makes everything feel smooth and soft, making the sensations a little milder, which means you will finish less quickly. The Real is a medium thickness lubricant which has been designed to give a more realistic feeling. Last but not least, the Wild lubricant is the thinnest lubricant of the three, and this one has a menthol extract that isn't only refreshing and soothing but also makes your penis more sensitive. The tingling sensation will make you want to thrust faster and faster and bring you to a climax in no time - definitely something you have to experience for yourself!

Classy and modern sex toys for men

When it comes to toys the Tenga Fliphole is one of all time bestsellers. It’s been a popular toy for years and deservedly so: It looks sleek, feels fantastic and is super easy to clean. The casing for this masturbator simply flips open so you can rinse it out under the tap (and admire the intricate interior structures). The three buttons allow you to increase the pressure or activate the vacuum mechanism, allowing you to switch between different kinds of stimulation while masturbating. The Tenga Fliphole Zero is the much-anticipated sequel of the Fliphole. This new design has an even better vacuum and has wide panels on the side that you can press to change the stimulation.

All in all, Tenga is a high-quality brand that uses excellent materials to design sleek, modern toys which are beautiful inside and out. If you are looking for a more abstract toy, this is the brand for you!

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Tenga Vacuüm controller + Ultra Size Tenga Cup set

Tenga Vacuüm controller + Ultra Size Tenga Cup

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