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Tight Virgin

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Tight Virgin

Tight Virgin is an onahole that is, like the name already suggests, virginal and so it has a tight element to it, though you don’t feel that on the first sight.

Toysheart can make many different kinds of material out of the well-known ‘Fine Cross material’ type.
With the Tight Virgin, they even made use of different kinds of material in an onahole. In which thoughtful manner you will read on this page.

Tight Virgin onahole 


The box looks cute and besides the onahole, you will find a bottle of Moisty lubricant of 20ml and a booklet of 7 pages in the box. This booklet is written in Japanese and it represents the diary of this virgin. Lovely, but for most of the people in Europe unreadable.


The tunnel consists of like you can see in the image two parts, in the middle there is a narrowing where you have to really push through.

The first part, feels loose to the touch. But due to the protrusions in this part you will still get a nice stimulation and it feels very nice to let your glans play with the vacuum in this soft part.

Half erection?

This soft beginning of the tunnel is perfect for when your penis is not fully stiff yet. You can easily slip in and enjoy this onahole.
Soon enough you will be stiff and ready for the rest of this onahole.

The middle part has an entrance of 5mm. The tunnel is narrower than the first part and the material is much stiffer. This tight part contains two narrowings.
The first narrowing you will find in the middle and the second one in the last part of the tunnel.

Toysheart Tight Virgin

Can you imagine how this feels for your penis? It feels amazing! The rings stimulate the edges of your penis and the top of your glans, it will not be long before Tight Virgin brings you to a delicious orgasm.

Do you want to feel the softer stimulation again, then you can go back to the beginning of the tunnel. This is really an onahole which you can play with and that gives you a lot of pleasure.

When you use sufficient lubricant (and you will need a lot of lubricant with the Fine Cross material that Toysheart has used for this onahole), you will notice that it is not extremely tight.

It is a special experienceto alternate between the softer and tighter parts.

Squeeze the air out before you enter, then the Tight Virgin also provides a pleasurable vacuum.


Total length: 150 mm (5.9 ")
Total width: 75mm (3 ")
Tunnel length: 126mm (5 ")
Material: Toysheart Fine Cross
Made in Japan

If we have to describe the Tight Virgin in one sentence it would be:
A cheap onahole, of durable material, that offers enormous variety.

Additional Information

Brand Toysheart
  1. Not your standard onahole, but a great product in its own right Review by Tama

    Ordered it as soon as i saw this beauty available. Been waiting a long time to order it from a european vendor.

    Product Package
    As with most Toysheart Products in the "Virgin" Product-Line the Box art is really beautiful.
    The inside of the box isn't that special and rather plain.

    The Product is a little werid from the rest of the ToysHearts Onaholes that I own. The first section feels godlike, a nice amount of stimulation. It isn't that tight in the first section, but once you reach for the inner parts of the onahole this thing get's tight with a vegeance. Balancing the use of the first section with the tight spot to the second section is what the product is all about.

    To get the most out of the product, one must learn to use it and the special design. Standard Onahole movements won't do it.

    Once one get's the hang of it, this special hole becomes something you don't want to miss in your collection. (Posted on 19/03/2017)

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