Tong-Ggo Artificial Anus

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Tong-Ggo Artificial Anus

The Tong-Ggo is an anal onahole, or an artificial anus. Onaholes with only an anal tunnel are quite unique. You could call this model an anal Meiki.
The Tong-Ggo feels soft and friendly. 
The ribbed exterior makes this artificial anus comfortable to handle. The interior feels great too; the unique structure of the tunnel creates a strong vacuum, because it is closed on one side.

The Anal Tunnel

Similar to anal tunnels in hips, this one has a wavy pattern of narrowings. 
These narrowings function like valves: each thrust presses air into the next chamber, thereby causing maximum compression. 
The V-shaped ridges create good stimulation. The combination of the narrowings with the ridged pattern of this tunnel make this anal onahole a real winner.
But that's not all! Because this anal tunnel comes with a special end. The V-shaped end chamber envelops the tip of your penis. This stimulation is guaranteed to give you an unforgettable climax.
You can also use the end chamber for creating extra suction, by squeezing it before you enter the tunnel.

Tong Ggo Artificial Anus

As shown in the images above, the zones A are narrowings with a diameter of only 5 mm. The zones B are the ridged sections, while zone C is the end chamber. 

With some artificial pussies, the anal tunnel comes second place. This is definitely not true for the Tong-Ggo, where the anus is # 1. 
We highly recommend this artificial anus that is also very suitable for homosexual play. This product distinguishes itself from other artificial anuses, because of its Meiki-like tunnel and structure.

Tong-Ggo Artificial Anus Features

Tong Ggo Kokos Artificial Anus

Length: 185 mm
Max. diameter: 90 mm
Min. diameter: 65 mm
Weight: 520 g

If you are looking for an artificial anus with a very realistic and stimulating structure, you don't need to look any further. The Tong-Ggo is what you need!

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