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Big Slut Angel Onahole with packaging
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Izumi manga doll mini sex doll backside

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On this page you’ll find some of our favourite onaholes. These are the male sex toys that sell well: sometimes those are the evergreens; products which have proven themselves and remain popular for years, like the Puni Ana series. Other times, they’re whatever is new and exciting. Onaholes are an innovative market, and especially Japanese sex toys keep being improved again and again, both when it comes to design and material. If you want to keep an eye on the newest releases, head over to the new products page! Either way, they are products which our customers love.

Best way to masturbate for men

Most guys start exploring their sexuality using their hands, and some never move beyond that, but they are missing out! There are so many other ways to masturbate for men: adding personal lubricant already makes a huge difference, but the real fun starts when you get into onaholes - literally and figuratively. Onahole is the Japanese word for a stroker or pocket pussy. While in the West there’s been a huge focus on sex toys for women, in Japan they specialize in making the very best male masturbators. Knowing this, we choose to import from Asia and bring their expertise here. Japanese sex toys for men come in a wide variety of shapes and sizes, which means that there’s always one that suits your preferences. Those who have tried all agree: an onahole is the best way to masturbate for men. 

Finding the best male sex toy for you

If you’re looking for the best sex toys for men, it might be hard to find an unambiguous answer: what’s a great stroker for one guy might not be the best for someone else. However, this page is a great place to start: here, we list the best sex toys for men we have.
There are a couple of things to keep in mind when you’re looking for the very best male masturbator:

  • Size: a smaller onahole is lighter and allows you more fine control, while a bigger onahole will generally feel more realistic and gives you something to grab on to. We have organized our sex toys for men by size: check out pocket pussies, large onaholes, onahips and of course the sex dolls.
  • Texture: there are as many different inner designs as there are different strokers. Some onaholes are almost smooth on the outside, while others have designs with thick, defined ridges and bumps. Some pocket pussy designers aim for realism while others, like Tenga, go for amazing and discreet sex toys. Generally, strokers with a stronger texture will be more intense and stimulating, and smoother strokers will be less intense.
  • Hardness: The material a pocket pussy is made out of also affects how intense it is. A softer (fuwatoro) material will be less intense than a hard type. Some brands, like Tomax even release the same toy different times, in different levels of hardness.
  • Structure: Many sex toys for men are made out of soft, pliable material, but other pocket pussies have an outer shell made out of hard plastic. These are generally known as masturbation cups or onacups. These sex toys for men have a little more suction thanks to the stronger vacuum, but give you a little less control. If you’re looking for a Fleshlight alternative, check out our masturbation cups.

Combining all these factors will narrow your options down considerably, and might lead you to the onahole of your dreams.

Still not seeing the forest for the trees? If you’d like to get some recommendations or ask some questions you can always send us a message