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Toy Bag XXL

This bag will allow you to store even the biggest toys! It measures 68 x 103 cms and is made out of a breathing material which will allow moisture to escape, preventing mould from forming.

Additional Information

  1. A must-have for your Meiki Plush doll Review by Martin

    I bought this together with the Meiki Plush Doll and I can't see why anyone would not do the same decision.
    It is sturdy - the material appears to be made out of the same thing as those smaller toy bags for onaholes.
    I was skeptical that the thread would last (or rather: that it would ruin the bag after some time) but now over one year in I can tell that the quality of this product is great.

    If you are buying any kind of plush doll then I highly recommend that you also get this one.
    Keep it all in the box it was shipped in and things can't be more stealthy. (Posted on 7/30/2018)

  2. Does it's job Review by James

    It's made from thick, sturdy fabric, but you can still cut through it if you're not careful. So be careful with sharp objects. The fabric makes the bag breath, which is why it's better than a plastic alternative.

    Be nice to your expensive sex doll and get one of these for proper storage. It's easier to use if you wrap the larger items in a towel or something because they may cling to the sides when shoved into the bag. With smaller bags you can powder the insides but there's too much surface the powder with this one.

    It's really spacious, so you may actually have enough room for a total of two or three large torso items and some smaller items on the sides. Make sure you clean and powder them and/or wrap them in towels because they may fuse together if you don't (especially during summer).

    + Good price
    + Plenty of space
    + Breathing fabric
    - Large items may cling to the sides so I wrap them in towels first

    PS. Since it's made from fabric you can probably wash with your laundry in case you need to.
    I have yet to test this since anything I store in there is already clean. (Posted on 6/17/2018)

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