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USB Warmer HOT 

Our toys emulate vaginas in a wide variety of ways: labia, hymen, ridges, bumps, different types of lube and even wombs… But sometimes you may long for the heat of a real body, and that’s why we have an USB heater.

The USB Warmer HOT gets even hotter than our other heaters: 46C! That’s about as hot as a steaming shower. Most heaters go up to 37C, which means you’ll quickly be left with a lukewarm onahole. Because the HOT will start you off at 46C you’ll have a nice hot ona for much longer.

This heater heats up quickly: it only needs three minutes to get up to temperature! If you want to heat your onahole through and through you might want to let it sit a little longer, though.

The HOT has a built in mechanism which ensures it won’t get hotter than 46C, which means it won’t melt your favourite masturbator. You can use it with all toys! Of course it’s also waterproof, so you don’t have to worry about shorting out out if it comes into contact with lube.

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