Virgin age 〜Graduation〜

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Virgin Age: Graduation

The ‘Virgin Age: Graduation’ is also odorless and made of the durable Fine Cross material, just like the previously released Virgin Age Admission.

If you see the packaging, you could think that the Virgin Age: Graduation is the older sister of the earlier Admission version.
Both inside and outside of this onahole share even more similarities with the predecessor, but there are also a few differences:

The material

The Virgin Age: Graduation is a double layered onahole. Which means that the inner layer consists of different material than the outer layer.
The outer layer feels soft and fluffy to the touch.
If you pull the skin colored outer labia to the side, you see the inner layer. This inner layer has a pink color and provides more stimulation, because the material is slightly less soft.

Below you see the Graduation (left) and the Admission (right) next to each other.

Virgin Age: Graduation

For this Graduation Toysheart has used the Fine Cross material and the Fine Cross IZUHA material.
Both materials have the characteristics that they are very durable and odorless and as good as oil free. And without having to sacrifice softness or elasticity.
You can safely lick this material, it is totally harmless (approved by the Japanese Ministry of Health) and does not get sticky.

Upgrade your Virgin Age:

Do you like the Virgin Age Admission? Then the second version is a great upgrade.
The Virgin Age: Graduation is a bit thicker, bigger and heavier.
And the tunnel is also improved and made a bit longer (123mm). Not only is this made of another material, the tunnel also has a spiral structurein the middle of the tunnel.

Virgin Age Toysheart

The part after this spiraling structure, is covered with duds and bumps.
This is very stimulating and if you thought that this was the maximum you are wrong. This onahole is a Virgin, so reasonably tight, but at the end she gets even tighter. Here below you see how thick the inner walls are.

Virgin Age ~ Graduation onahole

Virgin Age: Graduation Virginal?

As you can see in the image, the last part of the tunnel ends tightly. It feels like the first time as if you cannot go further, as if your penis goes against the wall. But when you push through you will be rewarded.
The end is so tight that it can slip off of your penis, but if you penetrate her deep a few times, then you will notice that she gets looser.
If you put her in the closet for a while after cleaning, the material shall restore itself and feel tighter again for the next time.
So with the Virgin Age: Graduation you have a virginal experience, time after time.

Dimensions Virgin Age: Graduation:

Length: 150mm
Internal Length: 123 mm
Weight: 330g
Material: Fine Cross

Additional Information

Number of holes1
Number of layers2
ReusableIs reusable
Bone structureNo
Tunnel length123mm
Product weight330gram
  1. Boku no Imouto! Review by 夜月半造

    This onahole is slightly smaller than average but it's much thicker which means you don't feel your hand through it if you are holding it. It might be a bit short for guys who are above average, but for me it's perfect.

    The end of the tunnel goes to a flat point but it feels really good. It isn't overly stimulating, which is great in my opinion. Definitely a favourite of mine. (Posted on 5/29/2020)

  2. So is preety good in general, but maybe I expected more from it because the fantastic reviews on the net Review by Vici

    For me this Onahole has a A in almost every category, not super in anything, but not bad at all. (Posted on 7/18/2019)

  3. high-grade Review by Riva

    Special feature: none
    1,0 ★ no cavities
    1,5 ★ no changes after about 10 uses
    1,5 ★ firm material, tight, much ribs
    0,5 ★ nice box print, lubricant included
    4,5 ★ ★★★★★
    My opinion:
    The onahole comes with a phial of lubricant. I like it very much. The onahole's smell is barely noticeable. The opening is not very tight and when used the onahole leaks a small amount of lubricant. The tunnel is ribbed and gets tighter and tighter the farer it is entered. The firm material and the pressure leads to very high stimulation.
    My summary:
    A very nice onahole, because it is firm, tight and ribbed.
    My summing: ★★★★★ (Posted on 4/18/2018)