Virgin Loop Eight Long Onahole

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Description / Virgin Loop Eight Long Onahole

Virgin Loop Eight Long

Ride Japan is a brand that’s been very popular in the Japanese online market for a while now, and it is starting to make a name for itself in Europe too! The Virgin Loop and the Virgin Loop Hard are both very popular products, and with the Virgin Loop Eight Long Ride Japan has strived to make an even better product.

The packaging

The packaging features some gorgeous art of a curvaceous woman touching herself. Her pink lingerie clings tightly to her beautiful body and that seductive look is sure to pull you in… It looks like she could use some help! The gloves, long transparent stockings and veil are the kind of details that we love to see in our ona-art.

The onahole

This onahole is a fairly long onahole. The entrance is shaped like abstract labia, round and puffy with excitement. After the entrance the onahole gets a little slimmer, making it easy to grab. The material is stretchy and soft, but firm enough to keep its shape.


If you wonder why this second edition of the Virgin Loop is called the “eight”, wonder no more: while the original Virgin loop had a four-leaf-clover design on the inside, with four long ridges, this new edition has eight! These thin, vertical ribs will stimulate you with every thrust, rubbing all around you.
But that isn’t all that this onahole has to offer. The inside is also covered in very small horizontal ridges, which make for a great, steady form of stimulation. No unexpected bumps or curves here, just one great texture from beginning to end.
Or well, nearly all the way to the end. Just like with the Virgin Loop, this toy has a so-called end chamber, where the tunnel widens into a small room. There are some very gentle nubs here with will rub over the tip of your cock. Since the narrower ridges can be a little overstimulating to such a sensitive part, this end chamber is a good addition.
Of course, the eight turned on its side is also the symbol for “eternity”, and this toy will promise you eternal love - or eternal pleasure, at the very least!


Of course you’ll get the most out of your onahole if you take good care of her. Thanks to the simple, straightforward design this onahole is easy too clean. There aren’t any deep ridges or complex structures that can trap dirt or moisture. To clean the tunnel, rinse it out under the tap after use until it’s clean. Squeeze out as much water as you can, and push an absorbent cloth inside to absorb the last bits of moisture. You may want to dust the onahole with some cornstarch, talcum powder, or special maintenance powder to keep it in optimal condition!

The Virgin Loop Eight Long is another great toy by Ride Japan. The internal structure might look simple, but it feels great and is easy to clean! It’s absolutely an onahole you should try.

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Customer Reviews

Feels good, questionable QA.
Review by S
Used it three times. It's very soft and can be a bit floppy and awkward to use. Mine has 20+ air bubble holes in the surface which doesn't look great, but it shouldn't affect the durability or experience. Has a lot of mass so it should last a long time.
Review by Federik
So I own the hard version of this onahole, and yes it's more stimulating, but honestly I enjoy this one a lot more than the hard version, if you are indecided on what to choose, I would say 100% this version (or the short one depending on size), the softness and the feeling of this one it's pretty great, you can take it slow and it will work as endurance training, or you can go SANIC mode and last few minutes!
Harder to clean comparing it to the hard version, because you have to be carefull not to break it.
Price TOTALLY worth it, could be possible the best on this price range, a MUST buy I would say!
A pleasant surprise
Review by P.
Wasn't expecting it to be as stimulating as it is due to the simplicity of its design. Its length also allows me to be rougher than usual without fear of poking a hole through it while bottoming it out. And after several dozens of uses, it still doesn't have any noticeable wear and tear.
Unique and Crazy Fun
Review by Mike
Feels definitly confusing at first it quickly becomes one of the best stimulations onaholes can provide.
The material is also great, perfect softness and doesnt stain or get dirty as easily as other ones, which makes maintenance also quite pleasant.
Maybe not great as a starter, but great as a contrast to more "vanilla" onaholes.
Soft quality
Review by Edwin
Again a great soft toy from Ride!
It's all stimulating from top to end, but smooth so you will last longer to peak.
Material also feels good in the hand.
Not a lot of lube needed.
Motsutoys delivered fast, as useal.
Review by Momo
One of the best onahole ever.
Great stimulation, soft material, fair price.
Good build quality, still in good shape after 30+ uses.
Doesn't need a lot of lube and really easy to clean.

Would definitely recommend.
unique and worth trying
Review by ho wang
The tiy has a very simple and unique interior design, which gives a special scratchy feeling. Recommend for people who want to try something new.
Ride japan, Simple but great.
Review by A Lad
Great onahole!
Soft material but feels VERY durable.
No faults in motsutoys service, great as all ways!
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