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The Vorze Cyclone SA has arrived!

If you ever hear anyone doubt that Japan is one of the most advanced countries in the world, you can be sure he never visited the country of the rising sun!
Rends is from Japan, and you can tell in every way. We have met their people a few times, and they are always full of new ideas. They are continuously innovating, experimenting, and developing. They listen to user feedback and incorporate it in their new products. And once again, they’ve managed to blow us away.


“This is an incredible device!”


The Vorze’s design is sublime. It exudes advanced technology, and with the supplied software it really is a high tech sex toy.
Add to that the fact that it really is extremely quiet, and you’ll realise that with the Vorze, Rends have taken a huge step in the sex toy market.
First there was the Cyclone, now there is the Vorze. Both rotate and are produced by Rends, but the Vorze is really an entirely different animal.

This device shows you that things are constantly developing in this area, and you might wonder where it will end...

The Vorze Cyclone SA

The full name of this wonderful device is Rends Vorze Cyclone SA. The first ever Cyclone A10 came with a controller unit, but this is the Stand Alone (SA) version. Hence: Vorze Cyclone SA.

Vorze Cyclone SA

This invention is so much more than any other sex toy; you can now synchronise the Vorze Cyclone with your computer and create your own patterns with the supplied software. 
 You can program the Vorze to complement any video; compose your climax to your favourite porn!

Endless possibilities

The VORZE Cyclone SA has 7 rotation patterns and 7 speeds. Each rotation has its own colour, making it easy to choose your favourite pattern - even in the dark. With these presets you don’t have to use your individual CSV (Excel) file with a porn video.

Vorze modes

Simply program it yourself

But there is more. Besides the preset patterns, there is the possibility to create your own patterns. And you can use these patterns with any porn video. 
By connecting the supplied Bluetooth USB adapter first to your PC, and next to the Vorze, you can upload patterns to the device.

How the Vorze works

The official VORZE Player lets you play any video with any script. Those scripts are easy enough to create by yourself. This is done with an Excel sheet with the times for every rotation and setting.

You can program the direction, speed, and timing. This way, you can create endless combinations and variations.
Share the script of your favourite video with a friend, or maybe one of your friends has already made a script for you!

Vorze Sleeves

The inner cups have been especially designed for the Vorze. The sides of the sleeves have flaps with small holes that are used to attach the sleeve to the rotation chamber.   So you can’t just insert any other cup. 
There are different types. Currently, we supply the Master sleeve with the Vorze.

Six types

Vorze Sleeves 6 types

The Vorze sleeves are nicely and hygienically packaged. The sleeves are reusable, and easy to clean.


Controlling the Vorze is quite easy, use the + and - buttons to control speed, and the arrow buttons to change modes. The triangular LED light in the centre indicates the setting.  Each setting has its own colour.

With the internal sleeve, the Vorze weighs 1.6 kg. The images show the Master inner sleeve that is supplied. The bulk of the weight is the powerful motor. The Vorze is 30 cm long, with a 115 mm diameter.

Cleaning the Vorze

Cleaning the Vorze is easy, it can be dismantled without using any tools. Just like the previous Cyclone, Rends have used a system with strong magnets. Simply remove the lid. The housing with the inner sleeve is also attached with magnets. 
Press the small clip to remove the interior housing, and remove the interior lid to take out and clean the inner sleeve.

How to clean the Vorze picture

Re-insert the sleeve in the holder by putting the six pins in the holes.


The Vorze Cyclone has been improved in several areas, for example, it is much more quiet.  Additionally, the Vorze Cyclone is wireless, and has a built-in rechargeable battery.

Charging is just as easy as charging your telephone. During charging, the triangular LED lights up, and it goes off when the device is fully charged. But you can also use the Vorze while it is charging.

The built-in lithium batteries are fully charged in two hours, after which the Vorze can be used for about two hours, until it runs empty.

Attention! This device should not be held under water; it is not water resistant. You can only rinse the cover and the inner cup after they have been removed.
Vorze is not (yet) compatible with your Apple Mac. For now it can only be used in combination with Windows OS.


 Vorze hologram

The Vorze is quiet. At its lower settings, the sound can hardly be heard. We have heard these claims about more devices, but it is really true for the Vorze!
At its maximum setting your house mates won’t hear a thing if you put some background music on.

The hologram sticker on the bottom of the box guarantees this as a genuine Rends product.
It is delivered together with a milky white lube, with a mild minty odour. That may not be to everyone’s liking, but it is a nice extra.

Vorze Product Details

Dimensions: 29.3 x 11.6 x 11.6cm 
Weight: 1390cg 
Sound: 43.3db
Capacity: lithium-ion battery, 100-240 V
Charge time: approximately 2 hours, for over 2 hours of continuous usage.
Install the Vorze Player software with a DVD-ROM drive (only in Japanese; contact Mytenga for support; we are happy to help you).
CSV files can be adapted to control speed.
OS: Windows 7, 8, 8.1
File format: mp4, WMV, AVI, MOV
Bluetooth 4.0
Wireless connection with a special USB adapter.
Comes with Master sleeve, DVD-ROM, adapter, charger, lubrication
Instructions: In Japanese and English

As you see, we sell our products at a competitive price while you still get many extras!

Vorze Complet in box

The Vorze comes as a complete set, including:

  • DVD ROM with instructions (Japanese), content and sample file;
  • Lubricant;
  • European adaptor plug;
  • English User Guide (in print);
  • The Vorze;
  • Master sleeve.
  • Bonus manga movie/game ‘Fab Hero’ with Vorze pattern;
  • Patterns sent in by other customers;
  • Online access to the DVD files (for those without a DVD drive);
  • Quick-response email support, if required;
  • Extensive Dutch user manual in PDF format.


And... MotsuToys also has the following free extras for you to download:

Attention! The Vorze software can only be used for Windows computers. 

Have you ordered the Vorze? Download the files here:


Vorze installer

Sample files Vorze

Vorze movie The entire DVD is 4.4 GB. Send us an email and we will send it to you!

Extra files Vorze Here is a folder to download extra CSV files and videos. Would you like to share a pattern you created? Send it to us and we will add it to the folder. 

Free Vorze Cyclone SA films

The sample file with the Vorze is a Japanese film, in which, unfortunately, the actors’ erogenous zones have been censored. This is why we offer you three FREE American films, in collaboration with Vstroker.
Quality HD films that you can download straight away and use in combination with the Vorze Cyclone SA.
Below you find the folder to download your free films:


Click for the Vorze Cyclone SA films

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