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Penis Pump XLsucker:

Penis Pumps are the simplest and most effective ways to increase the size of your penis instantly.
A Penis Pump works by sucking the air out of a cylinder that is placed around the penis. This creates a vacuum, which allows the corpora cavernosa (the two channels in the shaft of your penis which fill with blood when you get an erection) to fill up with blood. Because of the vacuum, the corpora encounter no resistance, which makes the penis bigger, harder, and stronger than usual.
After removing the XLsucker, you are wielding a penis that is temporarily bigger and stronger, and an erection that is a lot more impressive!
By allowing the corpora to be repeatedly filled up more than usual, they will adapt to this new situation, and they will increase in volume.
This is why the pump is not needed any more after some months of frequent use - your erection will be bigger and harder, even without using the pump.

Better Feeling:

Using the XLsucker before sex or masturbation gives you (and your partner) a better feeling. The increased length, girth, and strength can give previously unknown sensations to your partner, while you enjoy the feelings caused by more blood and increased sensitivity.

The cylinder of the XLsucker is 5 cm wide and 19.5 cm deep.


A penis pump can be an effective way to increase your erection and make it stronger. Eventually your penis will get bigger and harder, even without using the pump. It can also grow in girth in the long run.
Use the pump in a routine of sexual fitness. As the company behind the XLsucker promotes it, this is Bodybuilding for the Penis. Get your todger hard instantly, without the use of drugs. You don't need to take any dodgy pills that may take ages to work.

Use of the XLsucker Penis Pump:

As indicated above, you should start slowly. To create a good vacuum, you can apply a bit of lubricant to the base of the XLsucker.
Next, slide the penis into the cylinder. Only insert the penis, not the scrotum or the testicles. Start pumping slowly and watch your penis grow. For example, squeeze twice and wait. Slowly squeeze twice again, while you allow for time for your penis to fill up with blood.
Penis pumps need to be used with caution: pump slowly and give your penis time to be filled up with blood.

Pumping too quick and/or too hard can cause the veins in the penis to be damaged. So start slowly and initially do not continue pumping until full erection. Give your penis some sessions to adapt to its new size.

Decrease the pressure after approximately 10 minutes, using the valve. Stop immediately when your penis hurts while using the pump!

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