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Description / Yandere

Yandere: an onahole that won't let go!

ToysHeart brings us another great onahole in the shape of the Yandere. A classic character type amongst anime and manga fans, the Yandere is another one of ToysHeart’s onaholes that comes with a wonderful scenario to play around with. The illustrations are done by the artist of the much talked about Fear Series, as found in the Comic HotMilk magazine, Jakudenpa (弱電波).

What is a Yandere

Though some will already know, here’s a reminder of what a Yandere is:
The term comes from combining the Japanese “Yande iru” and “Dere”. “Yande iru” refers to being in a state of an ailing mind. Not so much in the sense of a disease, but more like a sickness in the sense of a mental disorder. “Dere” on the other hand refers to someone who is in a state of having completely fallen in love. The combination of these states forms a state or person who lacks reason or good sense, as a result of too much love towards the other person. Some of the things that you can expect of such an individual includes stalking, jealousy, being possessive and other scary things.

The Yandere has been watching you...

"Hey... that girl that you came back with... who is she?"

She can no longer stop her strong feelings of love for you. Yandere will never let you go. She gets a hold of you and inserts you into herself. “I won’t let you get away.” She claims your compatibility is perfect and that you will no longer be able to be satisfied by any other girl after Yandere.

Her big uterus wants to be impregnated like no uterus has before. “With this, we will be together forever. Don’t look at anybody other than me anymore, okay?”

Once this girl clings on to you, no other onahole will satisfy you! Feel the dark embrace of a twisted love sucking you dry.

Alluring pocket pussyYandere

The outside of this pocket pussy has a simple plain design, combined with a shapely vulva. As you can see with the pink star in ToysHeart’s Characteristics Chart, the Yandere is both Tight and Soft. This softness can be felt on the outside as you squeeze it down on your dick. The lustrous purple material feels soft to the touch and is neither too thick nor too heavy.

The vulva itself has a well-defined shape with an inviting entrance just waiting for you.

The clingy tunnel of a scary onahole

You better get ready because the interior of this onahole is crazy! The first thing you will encounter is the thick ridges that coil around your member and drag you in. With each thrust, these ridges will stroke you with moderately ridged intensity. This Yandere has no intention of ever letting you go again.

Next up, you get a nice surprise in the form of multiple suction cups, greedily clinging on to you. Like an octopus’ tentacle these suction cups will grab onto you with a vacuum-like feeling. So if you want to know what it’s like to get stimulated by such a tentacle, then be sure to stick around this area which will be especially rewarding for your glans.

To prevent you from cheating, the cervix is made with a firmer material that really doesn’t let you go. Be ready as you pierce her cervix to enter her greedy uterus, because it is aching to take on your seed. The big uterus will cause a strong suction which will of course intensify every stimulation in the tunnel. As the walls of the uterus close in on you due to the suction, you will be able to feel the subtle texture of the walls which is covered with little bumps.

Keeping your Yandere satisfied

To make sure you can continue to use the Yandere Onahole, it is important to clean it properly after each use. Be sure to check out our various pocket pussy cleaning products to make sure you can continue to love this Yandere for a very long time.

Also be sure to use one of our many personal lubricants when using the Yandere Onahole. To make sure you can really feel the ridges and suction cups, we advise you to use a runny/low viscosity lube.

Yandere Onahole Specifications

Weight: 300gr
Length: 15cm
Width: 7,5cm
Tunnel length: 13,5cm
Made by: ToysHeart

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Customer Reviews

4.8/5 Based on 2 reviews
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Writing this with my Nokia 3310 from Yandere Basement
Review by Hake
Great feeling, not too small if you have a bigger dingus.
Easy to clean
Strong bully, send help
Review helpful?
writing this from yandere-chan's basement
Review by DeepthroatLover
- Nice quality...
- it will bully you hard
- will never let you go ... Literally
- lots of variety inside for lots of different feeling


- It will bully you (yeah can be both a pros or a cons)
- after one use the enter teared into a + sized hole

8/10 Send Help, she will murder me
Review helpful?

More Information

Number of holes 1
Product weight 300.00 g
Reusable Is reusable
Theme Anime
Tunnel length 135.00 mm
Open/Closed Closed
Number of layers 1 layer

International Reviews

Review by President
Best een leuk ding je hebt er meer plezier mee dan je eerst denkt. Makkelijk te gebruiken,
Goed te onderhouden.
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Beter dan verwacht.
Review by Yami
Ik dacht ik ga dit uitproberen. Het was beter dan ik had verwacht. Het zit goed,Je kan het goed vast houden. Je hebt er plezier mee.
Translate review
Klein maar fijn
Review by D
Het is een beetje klein voor me, maar het voelt erg fijn.
Als je het van tevoren vacuum laat zuigen voor gebruik des te meer.
Onderhoud is simpel gezien je overal makkelijk bij kan.
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