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Description / Yuira Natural

Yuira Natural

If you’re looking for a cup that doesn’t just look sleek but also feels great, the Yuira Natural might be the thing for you!

Hard and Soft

The Yuira is a cup-type masturbator, which means it has a hard plastic shell on the outside and a soft, pliable sleeve on the inside. This sleeve doesn’t quite fill up the whole cup, but is suspended from the sides. This makes it more flexible and easier to slide into.

The hard outside is easy to grip and and easy to clean, but it has one more important benefit: you won’t feel your own hand! Some onaholes have such thin walls that you can still feel your own fingers gripping you through the material, which almost defeats the purpose.


The Yuira Natural’s design is discreet and sleek. The hard outside and lid make it easy to store away safely, or to bring with you when you travel.

The entrance to the Yuira is shaped like smooth labia, not quite realistic but still more inviting than a plain hole. The labia move in and out with every stroke, gripping around your shaft and forming a tight seal around it. This feels great and also keeps lube from leaking out.

I will lead you to the paradiseyuira natural inside

The Yuira cup has the slogan “I will lead you to the paradise” on the front, and with this design it might just fulfill that promise - depending on your definition of paradise.

The inside sleeve is made of a soft, flexible material, that is gentle enough for beginners or those who get overstimulated easily. The structure is simple but effective: ridges line almost the entire tunnel. The larger ridges at the start will slide all the way to the base of your cock while the smaller ridges in the middle create a subtle friction or traction against your shaft. The deepest part of the Yuira has a structure where nubs and ridges are combined. They envelop the sensitive head of your cock. Thrust inside fully, then twist the cup slightly and you’ll experience a different kind of stimulation! The back wall of the Yuira has a large, suction-cup shaped nub, which will cling to your glans.

Optional vacuum

The Yuira Natural has a hole at the back which allows the air to exit and re-enter with every thrust. If you want a little more stimulation, however, thrust inside, then cover the hole and try to pull back. You’ll feel the cup trying to suck you back in as a vacuum is formed inside the cup. The rigid walls of this cup make it absolutely perfect to generate suction!

Use the vacuum to bring yourself to the edge of climax, then release it and use the milder stimulation to cool down a little. Build up to near-orgasm a couple of times before cumming, and your final climax will be spectacular!

In short…

The Yuira Natural is a great, affordable cup. It doesn’t deliver the most intense stimulation, but the vacuum is great! The packaging makes it discreet and easy to store.


Material: hard plastic with soft TPE sleeve
Length: 18 cm
Width: 7 cm
Lube sample included

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More Information

Number of holes 1
Product weight 259.00 g
Reusable Not reusable
Theme Neutral
Tunnel length 130.00 mm
Open/Closed Closed
Number of layers 1 layer
Bone structure With bone structure
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