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KYO Pocket pussy cleaning sponge sticks

Did you know that cleaning your onahole well not only keeps it clean but also prolongs its life span? But getting into all the little nooks and crannies that most pocket pussies are filled with can be tricky. You can use your fingers to dig out the lube and fluids, but there’s a better optio: sponge sticks.

  • Firm enough to scrub the inside clean sex toy cleaning stick
    The sponge’s edges will gently scrap the textures on the inside clean.
  • Soft enough to avoid damage
    The sponge easily compresses to squeeze through narrow openings without damaging them.
  • Reusable
    The sticks are made of material that can be rinsed, dried and used again and again.
  • 10 cms long: perfect for most pocket pussies
    The length reaches to the back of most sex toys for men
  • Sponge creates dense foam for better cleaning
    By moving the stick back and forth, you create a dense foam. These small bubbles capture particles of dirt loosened by the sponge, making them easier to rinse out.
  • Soft Tip Design
    The plastic rod only runs through the first half of the sponge. This way it will not poke out and damage the material of your onahole.

KYO Onahole Cleaning Sponge Sticks come in a pack of five. This is really convenient if you need to clean multiple holes, or prefer to make a final pass with a clean sponge at the end.

Length: approximately 10 centimeters
Synthetic sponge and stick

Additional Information

Brand MotsuToys
Number of holes No
Number of layers No
Open/Closed No
Reusable No
Bone structure No
Theme No
Tunnel length 0mm
Product weight 100gram
  1. Does the job Review by Someone

    Stick isn't 15cm long and it's kinda fragile, but if you're careful it's ok. (Posted on 4/22/2022)

  2. Works well but could be better! Review by JDA

    I don’t know if it can be improved but if the stick and the sponge where a little bit longer it would be perfect (Posted on 2/21/2022)

  3. Good, can be improved Review by FVB

    Nice to use, although flimsy in hands the fear to break the plastic stick inside the onahole prevents from doing a thorough cleaning job with it. Great concept, but too small, not enough sponge surface, not sturdy enough to be using 100% to its claimed capacity.
    The sponge parts are good but the whole needs to be revised a little to be a absolute buy.
    Interesting and promising as it is now. (Posted on 7/28/2021)