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KYO Onahole Sex Toy Storage sack or bag
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Sex toy storage is something that rarely gets the spotlight: it isn’t exactly a glamorous or exciting topic. But if you want to keep your sex toys safe and sanitary (and who doesn’t?) it’s worth looking at.

Sex toy storage: storing in original packaging

When it comes to sex toy storage there are many who prefer to keep the original packaging, not in the least because many Onaholes have boxes with beautiful anime and hentai art on them. However, not all packaging is suited to long-term sex toy storage.

  • Cardboard box: do not store your onahole or pocket pussy in a cardboard box. The porous material will draw oil out of your toy, shortening its life span
  • Original plastic bag: if your onahole came in a plastic bag or pouch it’s a safe bet this is made out of material suitable for longer-term storage, so it wouldn’t damage the onahole while sitting around in a warehouse. However, plastic generally isn’t breathable, and continuing to use this may help trap moisture in your onahole, creating a breeding ground for mold and bacteria
  • New plastic bag: has the same issues as the point above, with the added risk that it may be made out of a material that reacts in some way with your onahole.
  • Original Plastic Inset: sometimes there’s a plastic inset in the box which supports and protects your toy during shipping by keeping it from bouncing around in the box. You can use this to store your stroker in, but be mindful that hard ridges might leave an imprint after a while.

Sex toy storage: specialized sex toy storage sacks

The best way to store your pocket pussies and onaholes is in a special storage pouch or sack. The items on this page are made from a special breathable material that’s not absorbent and won’t leave any lint or stains on your favourite toys. The breathability is important because it prevents condensation and allows those final bits of moisture to evaporate after washing. Humid or wet onaholes are much more likely to grow mold.
Be careful: you can’t just grab any fabric pouch or bag to store your sex toys: quite a lot of fabrics contain dye that might stain your onahole after prolonged contact, and removing this stain is almsot impossible.

Buying a toy sack is a small investment with a big benefit: your onaholes will last much longer if you store them properly.