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28 Oct 2020 - 30 Oct 2020

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KYO Toy Sack - BIG

Go big or go home! If you want to keep your hip masturbators, sex doll torsos or mini sex dolls in perfect shape, good storage is essential. This XL toy bag will fit all but the biggest sex toys.

  • Drawstring closure: Don't risk scraping your sex toys past a zipper's sharp teeth! This drawstring closure is easy and secure.
  • Breathable material: the storage sack's material is made out of sturdy but breathable fabric. 
  • Double-sealed edges: Sewn bags sometimes have loose threads, of the threads will leave lint on your sex toys. For this toy sack all edges have been double-sealed so you won't have that problem! 
  • Extra Large: The KYO Toy Sack measures 50x50 centimeters (19.7"x19.7"). 
  • No lint: of course the KYO toy sack's material is 100% lint free. 

Why should I use a sex toy storage bag?

If you want to keep your sex toys safe, storage is an essential part - after all, that's where your toys are likely to spend most of their time. One of the most important things is to use a material that doesn't absorb oil, but allows moisture through. This way you can avoid trapping water in with your sex toys since a moist sex toy is a breeding ground for bacteria and other microorganisms! For this reason you want to avoid using the plastic bag or sleeve that many sex toys for men are wrapped in. 

Many large sex toys come with a shaped plastic inset or styrofoam piece that supports it and keeps it from deforming. If you want to continue using this you can: simply put the toy in the toy sack first, and then in the original supportive packaging. This way your toy will be supported while also being surrounded by breathable fabric. 

Large sex toy storage: what will fit?

The KYO Toy Sack measures 50x50 centimeters (19.7"x19.7"), which means you can fit toys with a circumference of a little under 100 centimeters in it. Big hips like the Kiwami and even mini sex doll torsos will fit. Since a picture's worth a thousand words, refer to the picture below to get a sense of scale. The large toys in the picture are the KYO Skirt Girl (22x17x14 cms, 2.4 kgs) and KYO Seven Sins (27x34x19 cm, 7 kgs). These are not included with your order, of course. 

Sex toy storage bag for large male sex toys

Additional Information

  1. Really nice looking bag but... Review by Edan

    I've bought this Toy sack to store one of my bigger toys in but the sack unfortunately ripped easily.
    Probably because the toy was too heavy and maybe even a biit to big for the bag. I should've have bought the Toy Bag XXL but it's out of stock here.
    Still, for the bag itself, its quite sturdy (well if you don't put the heaviest toys ever in it) and otherwise, it WOULD have served
    the purpose. My bad for choosing the wrong size of storage for my toy.
    Shipping was quite fast! (Posted on 6/9/2020)

  2. It really is BIG Review by ayisme

    When I ordered this product i wanted to store a Puni Ana DX inside. After it arrived, I realised just how massive this sack is. You could probably fit in 4 Puni Ana DX. The walls of the sack are really thicc but still let air through and feels good to the touch. It does it job well and no thread has come yet. If you are looking for a storage for the big plastic, look no further ;)

    Tl;dr Good quality and lots of space (Posted on 3/23/2020)