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Orgasmic Suction Of Ryujin main

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Mil-Max milk bottle onahole

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Ereshkigal Cherry fate hentai onahole onahip with box

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Meiki no Shoumei 5: Zhang Xiao Yu / Chou Shuu U
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 Rich snippet previewHide snippet Sujiman Kupa Big Lolinco Virgo

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Mouth of Trutch Pelolin oral onahole with tongue box
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NUPU 3 Pussy Lips - Blowjob Toy main

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Tororochi melty love onahole

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Nezuko's Double Tooth Blow Job

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La Bocca Della Verita
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Slut Angel DX 1200

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Onahole - why settle for your hand?

Onaholes, also called pocket pussies, are sex toys for men that are designed to bring you the biggest amount of pleasure possible. They may be realistic, mimicking the intricate folds and organic structures of a real pussy, but why stop there? An onahole will bring you pleasure you’ve never been able to imagine.
At Motsutoys we offer the full spectrum: everything from an affordable pocket pussy to a full-sized onahip. If you want to know more about these sex toys for men and what they can do for you, keep reading!

Japanese Luxury Pocket Pussies

In our shop you’ll mostly find Japanese onahole brands, and for good reason: while pocket pussies are made in many different places, Japan is still the leading producer of high-quality onaholes. The reason for this can be found in the country’s rich history. While women’s sexuality was taboo, as women should be innocent and pure, the sexual needs of men were embraced as natural. While any man can use his hand to pleasure himself, the Japanese asked themselves: “can this be better”, and the onahole was born.

For decades, the Japanese have continued to improve onahole designs; engineering even better materials and creating innovative structures. To this day, brands are still coming up with new and exciting ideas, like micro ridges, g-spots or unique material combinations. Because of the focus on high production quality Japanese onaholes are also some of the mot durable ones.

Other countries have lifted along on this success, but the brands and manufacturers with the most experience can still be found in Japan.

Onahole hip

Why use an Onahole?

Quite simply put: it feels amazing. There’s an onahole for everyone, no matter what your preferences are. You can experience a huge range of stimulation that your fingers will never be able to replicate, ranging from a realistic, tight pussy to something that's completely out of this world.

The right onahole will make your toes curl with pleasure and bring you an extended orgasm. Let’s list some reasons male masturbation is good for you:

  • Masturbation keeps you healthy: it’s good for your prostate and you train your circulatory system!
  • Sexploration: discover what you like and experience better orgasms as a result
  • Orgasms relieve stress: orgasm are proven to lower stress, and you don’t get the performance anxiety that may come with sex.
  • Learn to experience multiple orgasms: training with sex toys can help with this!
  • Increase your sexual endurance: sex toys are perfect for edging and training

What is the best onahole for you?

When buying a sex toy for men you should decide beforehand which features are important to you. You may prefer a certain size, or a certain weight. Some men want a small, tight pussy, while others want more room and depth.

You should also consider the sensations you want to experience. Some onaholes create much more suction than others, and the tunnels can vary a lot. There are also dual-layered types. The extra interior layer is more stimulating than the smooth exterior.

And then there are artificial vaginas with a motor, also called sex machines. The KYO Piston is a great example of this: it even comes with exchangeable inserts, so you can enjoy the sensation of oral, anal or vaginal sex.

To help you choose we have divided our assortment of sex toys for men in several categories:

Onahole categories

What sounds good to you today? 

  • Pocket pussy: This category contains all the smaller sex toys for men, weighing up to 700 grams. Their small size makes them affordable and easy to use with one hand.
  • Large onahole: These larger sex toys feel more realistic due to their bigger size, and often come with extra features like multi-layer structures or multiple holes to fuck.
  • Onahip: If you want a realistic sex toy for men, check out this category! These toys are shaped just like a woman’s hip and ass, and sometimes more than that.
  • Blow job sex toy: Since oral sex is such a different experience from fucking a pussy, it deserves its own category. Looking for an onahole with luscious lips and a tight, fuckable throat? This is the place.
  • Tit sex toy: Jiggle, squeeze, fondle, suck or ogle them: these tits won’t complain. Did you know the Japanese word for tit-sex is Paizuri?
  • Masturbation cup: with their sturdy outside, masturbation cups are not only discreet and easy to store, but they also create a lot of vacuum suction.

TYO Personal Lubricant for onaholesHow to use sex toys for men

Don’t worry, using an onahole isn’t much more complicated than using your hand - and it feels much better! 


Before you get started, add some personal lubricant to your onahole’s opening. Even with toys which don’t have an opening, like tit sex toys, personal lubricant will help you move smoothly. Using a USB sex toy heater will help you get your onahole to the right temperature.

Using your onahole

The best way to use an onahole is completely up to you. Use it while watching porn, while lying down, in the shower or on top of a desk. Take it slowly, edging several times, or rush for a spectacular climax- whatever works for you! Be sure to experiment with different ways - maybe you’ll find something that works even better for you.

Cleaning after use

Cleaning your onahole after every use is important, both for the toy’s lifespan and and for your personal health. It isn’t very complicated: rinse everything thoroughly, and then make sure it is dry before you store it. For more information and some helpful products check out our sex toy cleaning page.