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Description / Super Realistic Body Ultimate Aska Mai

12Kg Wide Hip Torso With Dual-Layer Tunnels

If you’re bored with the usual adult toys, you need to get your hands on this ultra-realistic Aska Mai Torso — featuring a wide hip, dual-layer tunnels, and a soft and supple texture. You’ll love to screw her in all the right positions all night long. Designed for your pleasure, the Super Realistic Body Ultimate Aska Mai Torso offers you a surreal experience — you won’t get enough of her, that’s for sure.

Ultra-Realistic Design With Wide Hips 

The first thing you notice about the Super Realistic Body Ultimate Aska Mai Torso is how close to reality the design is — a full figure with soft and supple breasts, vaginal and anal tunnels, and a wide hip; you’ll feel like you’re banging a true hot goddess.

One of the most impressive features of this product is the wide 41cm hip that boosts the feeling of realism and enhances your experience — you’ll love it when you’re thrusting her in the old-fashioned missionary position.
Her texture is soft and life-like, heightening your pleasure even more. 

The front of the box features the blonde and lovable Aska Mai in all her glory, wearing scanty clothes — just one look, and you know what she really wants. You’ll be instantly turned on by her fully nude body, and you won’t want to miss a second to fill her up. The Super Realistic Body Ultimate Aska Mai Torso can satisfy you like no other toy.

Dual-Layer Tunnels For Increased Sensation And Pleasure

Slide your penis inside the Super Realistic Body Ultimate Aska Mai Torso, and you’ll instantly know why so many men find it addictive — this torso comes with two dual-layer tunnels designed to grip and stimulate your tool in ways you never thought possible.

The vaginal tunnel features a fleshy gate to welcome your dick, and the numerous bumps, along the tunnel will rub and grip your manhood, making you experience intense orgasms. Just imagine what her Big G-spot nubs can do to your penis! There’s also a deep sperm collector zone for you to release all your love juice once you’ve had your way with her. 

The smaller and tighter anal tunnel is just as enticing, filled with bumps to arouse your penis and make you orgasm intensely. You’ll also love the view of the tasteful butt when you’re screwing her doggy-style, and the cute pink nipples and belly button complete the look, further adding to the realism.

Modeled after a real woman

Vagina Tunnel 158mm:
1) Labia is replicated after a real women
2) Welcoming ring, to keep the entrance wet
3) Big G-spot nubs
4) Fleshy gate
5) Big hugging nubs
6) Pleasure stimulating gates
7) Speeding hump
8) Frenulum explosion zone
9) Deep sperm collector zone

Anal Tunnel 140mm:
1) Realistic ass is replicated after a real women
2) Large ribs zone
3) Small speed ribs
4) Stimulating end gates
5) Studded end chamber

What’s more? Both the labia and anus are modeled after a real woman, so it doesn’t get more realistic than that.

True To Life Torso For An Unreal Experience

There are so many ways you can have fun with the Super Realistic Body Ultimate Aska Mai Torso. The real-life design, complete with soft breasts, pink nipples, sexy belly button, glorious butt, skin-like texture, and two pleasurable dual-layer tunnels, will take your self-loving sessions to a whole new level. Moreover, weighing in at 12kgs, the Aska Mai Torso is heavy and feels amazing regardless of which position you fuck her in.

Perfectly sized, the Aska Mai Torso is also easy to clean and maintain, ensuring that you can enjoy her for a long-long time. Whether you want to add some spice to your solo play or enjoy new and thrilling sensations, the Super Realistic Body Ultimate Aska Mai Torso is the perfect addition.


Ass-to-neck length: 50cm 
Leg-to-leg width: 41cm 
Back shoulder to shoulder: 31cm 
Hip circumference: 97.5cm
Waist circumference: 46.5cm
Chest circumference: 73cm
Weight: 12kg
Brand: Seiraku Toys

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the ZENIT of toys, at the moment

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