Shipping Information

MotsuToys ships all over the Europe straight from our warehouse in the Netherlands, so you will have your order quickly at home or at a pickup point and (within the EU) without any unexpected import fees. Check out the rates and estimated delivery times below:

If you're from the US please shop at our USA store where we ship from our US warehouse.

Country Price Carrier
Germany 5,95 DHL
France 8,95 GLS
Belgium 5,95 PostNL
The Netherlands 5,95 PostNL
United Kingdom 19,95* DHL
Hungary 15,95 DHL
Slovakia 15,95 DHL
Slovenia 19,95 DHL
Croatia 15,95 DHL
Ireland 19,95 DHL
Italy 15,95 DHL
Luxembourg 9,95 DHL
Austria 9,95 DHL
Poland 15,95 DHL
Portugal 19,95 DHL
Romania 19,95 DHL
Spain 19,95 DHL
Czech Republic 15,95 DHL
Switzerland 24,95* DHL
Norway 45,95* DHL
Bulgaria 19,95 GLS
Denmark 9,95 GLS
Estonia 19,95 GLS
Finland 15,95 GLS
Sweden 9,95 GLS
Latvia 15,95 GLS
Lithuania 9,95 GLS
Greece 19,95 GLS

* Customs charges may be applied by the carrier
** Delivery time might vary depending on customs handling time

Shipping F.A.Q.

Will you ship my order discreetly?
Of course! Your privacy is very important to us. Click here to read more about our discreet shipping.  

Can I track my order?
Yes, we'll automatically send out a tracking code once your order is ready to be shipped. You'll get this email whether you have an account with us or not. 

Why haven't I received a tracking code?
It might take a while for your tracking code to be sent, or you might have accidentally entered the wrong email address. Be sure to check your spam folder, too. 

If it's been longer than 2 days, send us an email with your order number and we'll look into it! 

My tracking code isn't working.
We send out a tracking code when your order is ready to be picked up by a shipping company, but it might not work until the shipping company scans the label. Again, if it's been longer than 2 days, send us an email with your order number and we'll look into it! 

My order is taking really long to arrive, what should I do? 
If you suspect something went wrong with shipping please contact us and we'll try to resolve it as quickly as possible! 

Will I get in trouble with customs? 
Are you in the EU? Then your order will not pass any customs checkpoints, as we ship from our warehouse in the Netherlands and the EU has a single market, with free movement of goods. 
Are you in Switzerland, Norway or United Kingdom Customs may check your order. Whether customs will seize your order depends on what you ordered and of course on your local laws. In our years of shipping we have never had an issue yet. 

What countries do you ship to and how much does it cost? 
Please refer to the table above.