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KYO F-Motion

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Meiki no Shoumei 5: Zhang Xiao Yu / Chou Shuu U
Special Price €94.95 Regular Price €99.95

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Orgasmic Suction Of Ryujin main

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Slut Angel Onahole Divine Pocket Pussy  box and onahole
Special Price €24.95 Regular Price €29.95

Availability: In stock

TYO 360ml lubricant
Special Price €19.95 Regular Price €23.95

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Ereshkigal Cherry fate hentai onahole onahip with box

Availability: Out of stock

NTR Bride Hip Onahole

Availability: Out of stock

Special Price €107.96 Regular Price €119.95

Availability: Pre-order: Shipping march 2024


Motsutoys, your onahole specialist since 2014

Welcome to the Motsutoys webshop! We offer a wide assortment of quality sex toys for men. Discover our assortment of onaholes, onahips, onahole accessories and of course our popular mini sex dolls.

We provide you with the most exciting sex toys for men from Japan, with the best service, fair prices and of course fast and discreet shipping from our warehouse in the Netherlands. Browse through our shop and find your favourites! below you'll find answers to some of the most commonly asked questions.

What’s the best onahole for me?
Why do you sell hentai sex toys and Japanese pocket pussies?
Is an onahole difficult to clean?
Is there discreet shipping and payment for sex toys?
Is an onahole better than your hand?
How do I get Motsutoys discounts and coupons?

So, what kind of sex toy should you get? While a lot of it depends on your personal preferences and budget, we can give you a quick overview of some of our most popular categories to get you started:

Onaholes (pocket pussies)

If you’re looking for something that feels way better than your hand, an onahole is a great place to start. With special materials and intricate designs they will bring you a whole new kind of pleasure. The compact sex toys in this category weigh less than 600 grams and can be used with one hand. Because of their small size they’re easy to store, easy to clean, and very affordable. They’re also perfect for longer sessions because your hand won’t get tired as quickly!
▶ Check out our pocket pussies

When you move up in size, sex toys start looking and feeling even more realistic. There’s more room for detailed design, allowing for beautiful mini hips and mini sex doll torsos. Because the walls of the toy are thicker, you get a more intense “squeeze” from the tunnel.
▶ Check out our big onaholes

Huge onaholes & onahips

These extra large sex toys give you something to grab onto: beautiful, femine curves and round asses make your experience even more enjoyable. Many of these larger toys have more than one tunnel, doubling your pleasure!
▶ Check out our huge onaholes and onahips

Blowjob sex toys for men

Who doesn’t love oral sex? Our blowjob sex toys are designed to feel just like a woman’s mouth wrapping around you, pleasuring you with her lips, tongue and throat.
▶ Check out our blowjob sex toys

Tit sex toy

We have a whole section dedicated to sex toys for boob guys! These Japanese tit sex toys are made to jiggle just like real breasts, and you can use them for fondling, motorboating, and of course tit sex - or Paizuri, if you want to use the Japanese term.
▶ Check out our tit sex toys

Sex doll torso

If you want a more complete experience, consider a sex doll torso. Run your hands over her shoulders, tracing down the smooth skin to play with her breasts, and finally slide them down to her waist and grab her hips so you can give her a good pounding. A sex doll torso lets you fuck with your whole body, instead of just masturbating with your hand.
▶ Check out our sex doll torsos

Mini sex dolls

A mini sex doll gives you the complete visual experience, with not just hot tits and ass but also a beautiful face, great legs, and a poseable body. Thanks to their small size they are easy to move and store, and far more affordable than a real size sex doll!
▶ Check out our mini sex dolls


The categories above are great to get you started, but there’s more! Take a look at our compact masturbation cups, for example, or get a lightweight blow up sex doll or hentai pillow.
Of course we also have everything you need to make using your sex toy even more enjoyable, as well as cleaning and storing it. Check out our onahole accessories for more!

Still have questions?

Check out our FAQ or send us a message and we'll get back to you as soon as possible. We have a small, dedicated team with a lot of expert knowledge, and we can usually answer your questions within 24 hours.