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Mini sex dolls are more than just a pocket pussy; they are much more realistic. While not all dolls will have the same features, these are some common ones:

  • Soft, smooth skin made of TPE or silicone
  • Removable, styleable wig for extra realistic looks
  • Eyeballs and eyelashes of a different material, not just painted on
  • One or two fuckable tunnels
  • Fully poseable thanks to embedded metal skeleton

Having a mini sex doll allows you to live out all sorts of different fantasies. They are beautiful, versatile sex toys and have a lot to offer!

So let’s take a closer look: what are some of the benefits of mini sex dolls?

hentai mini sex doll japaneseBenefits of mini sex dolls

Benefit 1: a lightweight anime sex doll

Weight can really take the fun out of things sometimes: bulky, heavy sex toys can be difficult to maneuver the way you want to, or they might flop over, lean on you awkwardly or be impossible to move as fast as you’d like. A realistic size onahip is great to grab and fondle, but a 10 kg weight can be rather difficult to bounce up and down in your lap for a long period of time!

A real-sized sex doll is quite a bit heavier still: a regular model can easily weigh 30 kilograms. Even if you don’tt have much trouble lifting that weight if it’s a bag or dumbbell, sex dolls have an awkward weight distribution and and their long, flexible limbs stick out in several directions, which makes it much more challenging to lift or move them. The hefty weight also means the material can get damaged faster, for example when you pose the doll doggy-style. Having to lift and position the weight of a realistically sized doll can leave you tired before the fun even starts.

A mini anime sex doll’s weight is much more manageable: they rarely weigh more than a couple of kilograms, which means you can lift them with one hand. This makes it much, much easier to lift them and pose them as you want. Want to have sex standing up? No problem! Want to flip your sex doll over so you can fuck her from behind? Easy!

Benefit 2: Small size means easy storage

Storing your mini sex doll is easy, and she doesn’t require much space. The most common types of mini sex doll are only around 70-90 centimeters tall.

Benefit 3: mini anime sex dolls are affordable (compared to real-sized ones)

If you just want something to stick your dick in you’re better off buying an onahole, financially speaking. But if you’re looking for a more premium experience with something that actually looks like a woman and can be posed all sorts of ways, that might not be enough for you.

Compared to real size sex dolls, mini sex dolls are very affordable: a decent-quality sex doll as tall as a real person can easily set you back 2000 bucks. While cheaper ones are available, the quality often isn’t great, which means the material gets damaged quickly and your money is wasted.

A mini sex doll is affordable because it requires less material, and shipping doesn’t cost a fortune either.

Your mini sex doll: more than an onahole

Onahole are great: they come in hundreds of different designs and feel immeasurably better than your hand. But there’s something they lack: looks. Even a onahip or sex doll torso doesn’t quite hit that sweet spot, because they don’t generally have a head or poseable limbs. A mini sex doll looks like a real girl, with curves in all the right places and a cute face.

You can pose your mini sex doll however you like, and easily adjust the pose during sex. All of our sex dolls have a metal skeleton with poseable joints, which makes it easy to pose them in natural-looking positions.

It’s also possible to make your mini sex doll look like your favourite anime or hentai character: the wigs can be exchanged for different ones, completely changing their looks.

A final benefit of a mini hentai sex doll is that they make you feel big and powerful: you can see their stomach bulge out as you thrust your cock into them and fill them up.

silicone mini sex doll hentai

TPE or silicone mini sex doll?

There are two common materials used when making mini sex dolls: TPE and silicone. Both have their own benefits and drawbacks:
TPE mini sex doll: TPE is short for ThermoPlastic Elastomer and it is a physical mix of polymers. TPE is commonly used in sex toys for men because it is so versatile: can be made literally hundreds of different ways, and many onahole manufacturers have their own proprietary recipes.
TPE mini sex dolls feel soft and realistic. The material is stretchier than silicone, which means it’s very suited for sex. The downside is that the material is a little more sensitive to heat and abrasion.
Silicone mini sex doll: silicone is a premium material which holds an incredible amount of detail and doesn’t degrade over time. It looks more realistic than TPE, also because painting it is easier, but feels a little less soft to the touch. The most luxurious mini sex dolls are made from silicone., but they tend to be a little more expensive.
A downside to silicone mini sex dolls is what the material is a little less stretchy, meaning you’ll have to be a little more careful when penetrating them.

Mini sex doll care and maintenancehentai mini sex doll

We sometimes get messages from customers asking for more detailed information on how to use, care for and store their mini sex dolls, because they want to make sure they last as long as possible. We checked in with some of the manufacturers and applied our own knowledge to write a small guide. if you still have questions after reading us please feel free to contact us!

Using your mini sex doll

Many things are entirely up to you: how to pose her, whether to dress her up or leave her nude, and whether you want music on in the background. But there’s one thing we will absolutely tell you to use, and that’s a good water-based lubricant. This not only feels better for you but also protects the material from damage and tears. Simply apply a good amount inside the tunnel and around the entrance. If you want a more realistic experience use a sex toy warmer to heat the lubricant and the material up to body temperature.
Some people think silicone lubricant is better for silicone sex toys, but the opposite is true: it can damage the material. Stick with water-based to be safe.

Cleaning your mini sex doll after use

This part isn’t all that different from cleaning a regular sex toy, and we’ll refer you to our sex toy cleaning page for more information. You might want to take a little extra care when drying your mini doll, though, and taking the wig off before washing can help keep it from getting tangled.

If the wig does get tangled, simply use a comb to brush it out. It’s best to grab it tightly at the roots (so the hairs won’t pull from the cap) and then start brushing the ends first, then brush from the middle to the end, and finally brush the whole length of the hair. Big tangles? Use some watered-down hair conditioner or anti-tangling spray to make it easier to comb through.

Storage and maintenance

Grab a sex toy sack and put the doll in a cool, dry spot away from sunlight. We always recommend storing your mini sex doll nude and flat. Storing her with bent limbs can cause a little “fold” to form in the material over time, which would be a shame. This way, the material will last as long as possible.

After a while you might notice that your mini sex doll’s skin feels a little rougher or stickier than it did when you got her - that’s normal! The outer coating that’s applied at the factory will wear off a little each time you use or wash the doll. Luckily it’s an easy fix: apply some renewing powder on the doll’s skin and brush off the excess.

In short

A mini sex doll combines some of the best aspects of real size sex dolls (looks, poseability, versatility) with some of the best points of onaholes (size, weight, ease of storage and price). Pick out the one that best suits your likes and enjoy everything she has to offer!

A closer look

Do you want to see a little more/ We made a video of our popular doll Suki, showing her from all sides: