Mini Sex Doll: all the fun, none of the hassle

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For many, owning a realistic sex doll is the ultimate sex-toy dream. It is as close to a real woman as possible as a toy can be, after all! This page we’ll tell you why a mini sex doll might be an even better choice and what to keep in mind when picking one. 

Benefit 1: a lightweight anime sex doll Hentai Anime mini sex doll

A full-sized sex doll is lighter than a real woman, but at 30 kilograms it is still a significant amount of weight. While a 30 kilogram dumbbell or bag of sand might be okay, dolls are awkward to grab due to the soft material, and their long, flexible limbs sticking out in several directions, which makes it much more challenging to lift or move them. The hefty weight also means the material can get damaged faster, for example when you pose the doll doggy-style. Having to lift and position the dead weight of a realistically sized doll can leave you tired before the fun even starts. 

A mini anime sex doll’s weight is much more manageable: they rarely weigh more than a  couple of kilograms, which means you can lift them with one hand. This makes it much, much easier to lift them and pose them as you want. Want to have sex standing up? No problem! Want to flip your sex doll over so you can fuck her from behind? Easy!

Benefit 2: Small size means easy storage

Storing your mini sex doll is easy, and she doesn’t require much space. Grab a toy bag and put the doll in a cool, dry spot. This way, the material will last as long as possible. 

Benefit 3: mini anime sex dolls are affordable

Compared to real size sex dolls, mini sex dolls are very affordable: a decent-quality sex doll can easily set you back 2000 bucks. While cheaper ones are available, the quality often isn’t great, which means the material gets damaged quickly and your money is wasted. A mini sex doll is affordable because it requires less material, and shipping doesn’t cost a fortune either. 

Your mini sex doll: more than an onahole

Onahole are great: they come in hundreds of different designs and feel immeasurably better than your hand. But there’s something they lack: looks. Even a onahip or sex doll torso doesn’t quite hit that sweet spot, because they don’t generally have a head or poseable limbs. A mini sex doll looks like a real girl, with curves in all the right places and a cute face.

You can pose your doll however you like, and easily adjust the pose during sex. All of our sex dolls have a metal skeleton with poseable joints, which makes it easy to pose them in natural-looking positions. 

It’s also possible to make your mini sex doll look like your favourite anime or hentai character: the wigs can be exchanged for different ones, completely changing their looks.

A final benefit of a mini hentai sex doll is that they make you feel big and powerful: you can see their stomach bulge out as you thrust your cock into them. 

mini sex doll siliconeTPE or silicone mini sex doll?

There are two common materials used when making sex dolls: TPE and silicone. Both have their own benefits and drawbacks: 

  • TPE mini sex doll: TPE is short for ThermoPlastic Elastomer and it is a physical mix of polymers. TPE is commonly used in sex toys for men because it is so versatile: can be made literally hundreds of different ways, and many onahole manufacturers have their own secret recipes.
    TPE mini sex dolls feel soft and realistic. The material is stretchier than silicone, which means it’s very suited for sex. The downside is that the material is a little more sensitive to heat and abrasion.
  • Silicone mini sex doll: silicone is a premium material which holds an incredible amount of detail and doesn’t degrade over time. It looks more realistic than TPE, also because painting it is easier, but feels a little less soft to the touch. The most luxurious dolls are made from silicone. 

In short

These scaled-down dolls have almost all of the benefits of a real-sized sex dolls, and none of the drawbacks. Seeing the curvy little body is sure to get your blood pumping!