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Emily: the realistic silicone mini sex doll

Looking at the pictures it’s hard to believe that Emily is small and light enough to be picked up with one hand: the amount of detail is simply incredible.

Real curves, real pleasure, compact sizeBlonde Silicone Mini Sex Doll

This mini sex doll has the proportions of a young woman in the prime of her life: perky breasts, a toned body, a cute butt and smooth, soft skin. A little bit of colour has been airbrushed onto her body to make it look even more lifelike.

Silicone: a premium material

As you might know, most onaholes are made out of TPE (Thermoplastic Elastomer). While this material’s versatility, relative cheapness and ease to work with are a great choice for most things, there are reasons to pick silicone instead.

  • More detail: silicone holds its shape very well, so it’s perfect for fine details like faces. toes, ears, nipples and all those other little things.
  • Silicone can be painted: TPE material can be painted as well, but the paint often either soaks into the material, fading quickly, or gets rubbed off. Silicone is better in this regard.
  • Silicone looks better: the colour, shine and transparency of silicone come closer to the look of real skin than TPE does.
  • A stable material: TPE is a mix of several materials, and often the oil will separate from the other ingredients after a while, making the surface sticky and leaving the material more brittle. Especially with higher temperatures this can be a problem. Silicone, however, is a stable material which won’t have this problem.
  • Silicone is more hygienic: because silicone is non-porous, it is easier to keep clean.

Fully poseable metal skeleton

Emily can be posed in countless different ways. She has a sturdy metal frame with joints that allow her to bend and turn all parts of her body. Put her on all fours, spread her legs, have her sit on top of you or come up with other ways to highlight her curves and enjoy her body to the fullest.

Cheap mini sex dolls often have no skeleton, or one that is so poorly made that it is hard to move or makes the doll completely limp. Some even have a metal wire instead of joints, which means that if you aren’t careful you might accidentally bend the doll’s shin or upper arm, and it’s hard to get that straightened out properly.

Costumes and cosplay

Sometimes, a specific character can really get your blood pumping and your mind spinning. With the right outfit, Emily can easily turn into a completely different girl, especially if you also swap out her wig. The wig is held on by a bit of elastic and can easily be replaced by a different one.

Blonde Silicone mini sex doll Practical alternative to a real doll

A real-sized sex doll is sometimes seen as the ultimate sex toy for men, and for good reason: nothing comes as close to a real woman. However, there are downsides to these dolls as well:

  • Weight: any real-sized sex doll is going to weigh at least 25kgs, and if you like your women curvy, they might even be over 40 kgs. This is a lot of weight to carry and position, and if they fall the delicate material can easily get damaged.
  • Price: mini dolls aren’t exactly the cheapest toy around due to the amount of work they require to make, but real sized dolls are a little more expensive still… Especially if you want one of decent quality!
  • Storage: Depending on where you live, storing a large sex doll can be a little tricky.
  • Cleaning: You can easily clean a mini sex doll in the sink or under the shower. With a real size doll, you’re going to have to do some heavy lifting!

Using your silicone mini sex doll

As much fun as you can have dressing this mini doll up, posing her, and perhaps even taking pictures… We are a sex shop, and Emily can of course be used as a sex toy. She has a deliciously tight pussy, with cameltoe-style lips and a textured interior. The depth of the tunnel is around 13 centimeters.

As always, it’s important to use a high quality personal lubricant. Make sure to use a water-based one, as silicone lubes can damage the toy over time. Silicone feels a little different from TPE: it’s a little firmer and holds more detail. Be sure to take it slow at first, since silicone is a little less stretchy than you might be used to! After use, wash and dry the tunnel well. If necessary, you can take the wig off and wash/brush it separately.

Emily, in short

With the incredibly high amount of detail, silicone material and beautiful design, Emily is a great choice if you want something more than an onahole without the hassle of a life-sized doll.

  • Standing height: 75 cms
  • Bust: 38 cms
  • Waist: 27 cms
  • Hip: 40 cms
  • Vagina depth: 13 cms
  • Weight: 4.5 kgs 

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