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Kyo Steri Warmer UVC Onahole warmer

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KYO Onahole Warmer

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Motsutoys onahole starter kit

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How do you make your favourite pocket pussy feel even more enjoyable and lifelike? Heat it up to body temperature!

While there are different ways to do this, an onahole warmer is quick, clean, easy and affordable. Don't settle for a tepid or room-temperature pocket pussy: you deserve better. 

How to use an onahole warmer

Ready for things to get hot? This is how you heat up an onahole, pocket pussy or Fleshlight:USB Onahole warmer with pocket pussy

  1. Apply some lubricant on your onahole: heating the lubricant together with the toy makes for an even better experience.
  2. Gently slide your onahole warmer in
  3. Plug your onahole heater into a USB port
  4. Wait for a couple of minutes. How long your sex toy needs to heat up depends on the type of onahole warmer and the size of your pocket pussy. Some heaters have an LED indicator to show when it’s up to temperature.
  5. Take the warmer out, and it’s ready for use.

How not to warm your onahole up

Is there a wrong way to heat a pocket pussy? Absolutely! Most onaholes are made from heat-sensitive material which gets soft and deforms when it gets too hot. Exceeding the recommended temperatures can shorten the lifespan of your toys and even permanently malform them. Especially with large onaholesonahips and especially sex dolls a onahole heater is a much better, quicker and safer option.

Don't use hot water: Heating your pocket pussy by putting it in hot water will heat it from the outside in, which is a fairly controllable method but takes much longer, and might still leave the inside lukewarm. On top of that your onahole will be wet and slippery, unless you take the time to dry it first, giving it time to cool down. 

Don't use a microwave: a microwave is great at heating things up, but it can create dangerous hot spots: ever defrosted a lasagna, and had some spots be hot while others were still frozen? Exactly like that. With an onahole, the material might be pleasantly warm in one place, but hot enough to melt your toy in others, and that caus cause serious burns if you tried to heat it. Please don't do this. 

Onaholes, onahips, Fleshlights and more

Our USB onahole warmers all have a fairly universal design; they are long enough to heat sex toys with deep tunnels as well as more compact toys. They can also be used with full-size sex dolls ("real dolls") and many other male sex toys. In doubt? Send us a message and we'll do our best to help.