KYO Onahole Warmer


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KYO Onahole Warmer

USB warmer to heat male sex toys

What feels even better than using a onahole or sex doll? Gliding into a pre-warmed onahole or sex doll! Now you can heat your masturbation products quickly and safely with the KYO Onahole Warmer. USB warmers aren’t just for those cold winter nights; they’ll make your experience better every time.

Extra safe onahole heater

While a cheap warmer will just keep getting hotter and hotter, the KYO Onahole Warmer is controlled by a built-in thermostat. This way it can’t overheat and damage your toys*.

The KYO Onahole warmer has no sharp edges or protruding points, so it won't damage your onahole's delicate inside structure.

How to use a USB heater

Using the Onahole Warmer is easy: just insert the warmer into your favourite sex toy or doll and plug the USB plug into a USB socket. On average your toy takes 2-4 minutes to heat up. The LED indicator in the back will indicate whether the warmer is heating or it has already reached its temperature of 40 degrees Celsius. Take the Warmer out and your toy is ready for use!

This heater measures about 15 centimeters, which means it is easily long enough to heat most onaholes without any issues.

Benefits of using a sex toy warmer

  • Feels more realistic
  • No “cold shock” to your sensitive parts
  • Faster and easier than alternatives like hot water

We promise that once you try this you won't want to go back to fucking cold onaholes!

Product information:

Length: 15cms
Width: 3cms
Cord length: 52cms
Temperature: 40 degrees Celsius
Plug: USB

* While the warmer’s heat is restricted by the thermostat it’s still a safe practice to check the temperature of the product you’re warming every couple of minutes to ensure it’s not getting too hot.

Additional Information

  1. Okay Review by Duv

    Took quite long to reach my desirable temp, about 20 mins. The indication LED flashing colour is kinda annoying and can still be seen through the ona hole. (Posted on 1/30/2020)

  2. Feel good and Warm Review by Zakaoai

    This is my first warmer and also first time I warm my ona before use. This warmer is good. Estimate about 15min to get warm inside and it can be warmer because it don't even reach the 40*c.
    Well there is no notice about how to use it but it's a simple warmer with led color indication. Lube your ona before and stick your warmer inside and wait as your conveniance.
    A very good product. 5 Stars (Posted on 11/22/2019)

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